DOTW #3- Can remakes work on Phi?

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    (Now twice a week- Wednesday and Sunday)
    So, I'm going to introduce something new to the forum in an attempt to make it more active now and in the future. The idea derived from the DnD forum and should get people to express more views. All the topics will be about Grepolis and more importantly, Phi world.

    Every week, a question will be asked, which you can answer with your opinion below. There will be a couple rules in place to make sure this doesn't get out of hand as well as the normal forum rules.

    If you plan to use this on another world... credit!
    Respect is key. Respect everyones opinion, even if you don't agree with it yourself.
    Keep on the discussion topic, don't stray.
    No egotistical nonsense of any kind, everyone is equal, no matter of in game rank or so.

    Due to the need for a more active forum (I love active forums)... I shall now release these twice a week. If anyone has any good questions, please remember that you may give me a message and it could be in a future DOTW. Also, try to keep a convo going... its always more fun. Anyway, today's question is:

    #3: Can remakes work on Phi?
    We have a couple of remakes on Phi, such as The Liquidators. However, can remakes work and obtain the same amount of success (or even more) than that of the alliance they are based on? This question will be answered over time although there has definitely been long enough for a good look at them.

    Can remakes work? Or should remakes stop thriving on the success of their predecessor?
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  2. Personally i do not think remakes can work, But the same alliance with the same players in a new world may not work either. It's up to the individual players but there's no garuntee if you copy cat an alliance down to each and every profile the players have there is still a big chance you could get rimmed.
  3. Osl112

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    I agree. Remakes rely far too much on the success of their predecessor.

    In Phi, we can already see that TL aren't doing as great as they were in Theta but we'll have to see in the future. I do know they have an abstract amount of diplomacy which they almost rely on.
  4. CheezeHead

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    Apr 5, 2011
    I agree with the above.

    There are too many variables to take into consideration with this topic. I mean, theres:

    - Players
    - Willingness
    - Other alliances

    I will not go on and list the amount I can think of, however, there are lots I'm sure others can agree.
  5. Baudin Toolan

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    Mar 22, 2010
    I find that the people who remake an alliance such as The Liquidators, the various incarnations of Black, and other famous alliances aren't even leading members of the original. They thought the original was great and they want to further the rep of that alliance but it never works. I haven't seen a remake work yet and I don't truly believe it will ever work.
  6. fingolfin

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    May 14, 2010
    I think remakes are never a great idea. Every grepolis world is different and to believe that just because you were successful in one world your going
    to be successful in this one is foolish.
    A top alliance relies on activity and willingness and the people in the alliance at later stages are those that have managed to survive in the world.
    There are far too many variables to make remakes work and in my opinion each world should be approached in a different way. Relying on previous successes will not get you far in any world, its what you do in the world you play that matters.
    Much better to start afresh and make a name for yourself than to copy another alliances success.

    Saying that I'm part of the 1 remake than plans to be the exception :p
  7. Osl112

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    Nme might be an exception... maybe.

    However, TL have just lost a city. Whether this is evident that they are relying on the success of the name "The Liquidators" or whether this conquer was just unlucky, I don't know. Apparently TL were giving WM a beating but this looks vice versa now.
  8. Pythagorus

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    i think they can work. if the only thing an aliance takes from it's predecessor is the name and philosophy (which we assume had previously been successful) then it's really down to the quality of the players in the alliance and the leadership, whether or not they were in the original version.

    that said, the only remake i know in phi is the liquidators and i can't see them living up to the theta version's standards.
  9. Thomas

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    We were taking WM early on but Brian is just an awesome player and i do respect that.

    We are not 'relying' on the name The Liquidators at all! We use it because we like the name. :) We have cut back on teh diplomacy and have 1 pact... Early on i made a few mistakes with that i do admit.

    As Osl said, only time will tell with the WM situation.

    As far as this thread is concerned, as Pythag said we are the only remake in Phi so since this is in the Phi section this is essentially goign to be a place where people give their opinions on us. I ask that is it closed seeing as i don't want this to become a place for people to just have a stab at my alliance.
  10. Osl112

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    And the Hornets Nest aren't a remake? I'm sure they are, after talking to them.

    Secondly, why not use a unique name. I distinctly remember you saying that it had a relation to TL in Theta (hence a remake).
  11. bracknar

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    I'm in the Liquidators in Phi and I can tell you why we arent as successful yet as we are in theta. When we started the Liquidators in Theta it was a lot further along in the worlds life. In Control was number 1 in the world when they broke in half and joined dink and silverfish. We made an alliance and it went through a few name changes before we landed on the Liquidators name. Everyone had 30k points + and were all very active and we worked together very well. I quit Theta long ago but I was there for birth and growth of The Liquidators.

    Now the Phi Liquidators is a whole new thing. We aren't starting this alliance with already built up and strong members. We are starting from scratch so of course we are going to look nothing like the theta Liquidators. Really the name isn't to try and say we are on that level, we just like being Liquidators.
  12. Osl112

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    Why not be unique then? Is their a reason for that as you'll always be related to the Liquidators of Theta by name?
  13. Thomas

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    Well, as i said, we really like the name! :p

    If you can come up with a better one that we all like then we'll use it. The point is that the Liquidators on Theta have changed so much they are basically a remake themselves. When i joined them in january they had the best average and the best players by a MILE! Now they have dropped significantly and are only just starting to become what they once were again...

    We like the name, and we do have a few of the old players... Godsinn has no issue with us using the name and he is a liquidator... It is only other people that seem to have an issue and not the actually Liquidators themselves.

    (realized this was my 500th post!)
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  14. Osl112

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    That seems a change from what I remember earlier; you were using the glory behind the liquidator name if I remember correctly. However, could a remake on Phi bring shame to the liquidator name?

    You've also got The Hornets Nest, who at least seem like an organised remake :)
  15. Thomas

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    I am not sure i ever said that... but whatever. We did plan to try to bring existing Liqs over, but only a few came. I don't think we can shame the name... But only time will tell.

    Hornets are a good alliance, :) They are our one pact... :D
    They have a low average, but they do have some great players... (Like GGM). :p

    And as i expected this has just turned into a discussion about The Liquidators...
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  16. bracknar

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    Really the name is not a big deal for me, I would still be with the alliance if it where named something else. I just started playing again and saw some familiar faces close to me and joined up. As far as disgracing the Liquidator name, we might not have the highest average on the server but I don't think we are doing too bad.
  17. RM1X

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    The Hornets ain't a remake. They're the same old Hornets from Theta but playing in a new world.
    GGM is such a lousy player and real pain in the a..!
  18. Osl112

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    Urm... thats a remake?
  19. RM1X

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    Is it?
  20. Osl112

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    Yeh, you're recreating an alliance from one server on another or at least trying to replicate the style/success of it.