DOTW #3- Can remakes work on Phi?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Osl112, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. RM1X

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    I still don't think that the word "remake" applies.
    Maybe it's a semanthic thing...........
  2. Baudin Toolan

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    Mar 22, 2010
    Well technically even if you have the same players from the original alliance you can't make it the same as the original. It's impossible to make an alliance identical to the original so it's a remake in that sense.
  3. Porcelane

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    well, actually, if it is the exact same people
    theoretically, they should be better if they have learned from the mistakes they made before
    and they know each other better and what is the strong point of each player
    after all this is not a popularity contest, or a point race (regardless of popular opinion)

    it s really simple after all, in this humble girl's opinion
    sustainable resources
    organized and dedicated players

    so how could a remake, techinically, not be beter than the original?
  4. If that remake had none of the original players and was just a copy cat alliance, they'd be doing the same mistakes and much, much more.
    In this humble girl's opinion a remake will never be as good as the original.
  5. T1900

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    A true remake needs to start with the original Founder or the team of leaders who guided it to its glory. If you don't start with that original core then it's a remake in name only...a shell of its former self.
  6. I agree entirely, and a shell is not nearly as strong therefore far more likely to face failure.
  7. RM1X

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    Theorethicaly, a so called "remake", should be better than the "original" alliance.
  8. sploggo

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    I don't know maybe you should ask the people who made the italian job.
    or superman.
    or the american office
    or take david attenborough's voice off BBC planet earth and put an americans on instead
    or Teen Wolf II (technically not a remake, but given how awful the first one was, I am amazed they managed to make this one worse)
  9. Eclipse

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    I'm personally not a fan of "remakes." I like it when new alliances form and rise up in new worlds. It creates much more diversity and fun. I do not believe remakes work very well. It is extremely rare to find a remade alliance in a new world with relatively the same key players and talent that fueled the original. Even with the same leadership or some of the same players or even many of the same players, there is no guarantee for success. A new world has different players and a new environment you must adapt to. But overall, a remade alliance cannot just be a couple of original members that either got bored of the first world, quit, or did not individually grow large enough or find personal success before. With that, you simply have an alliance using the original's name and you will certainly never achieve the greatness of the first. It may even taint the name if you do not meet the expectations tasked to you with the use of the alliance name. I believe with the previous leadership team and key players, a remake can certainly work. But like I previously stated, that's no lock for success and it's also quite rare because in order to thrive in a new world, the original world cannot take priority and for the most part, leaders and key alliance members will not join a new world that would distract and take time from their old world. So bottom line, remakes are a poor investment.
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    I agree with what is said above ^^ remakes are a poor investment. I am going to use TL as an example because they are practically the biggest remake on this world. They are facing different players, battling with different style, and are getting attacked differently. As said before they are just practically mooching off the name in Theta. They have already lost 2 cities from WM. They can bring bad rep to TL name. (if they haven't all ready) Bracknar was in TL in theta, He came upon me, both of us haven't been successfull at attacking each other. He notices i bring a different game to the floor so he is battling with different flare. He is slowly changing the way he plays. If TL doesn't get off the fact that they are not Theta then they are going to fail this World and bring bad rep to TL name. They must Adapt to 2.0 and Phi settings. Its these small things that can make a alliance fall.
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    I don't understand the concept of this thread what so ever.

    You've all (or a vast majority) previously played on another server, and at some point went to another. So essentially after you've gone to that other server, you're a remake.

    Why would you all sit here and bash an Alliance for keeping the name of something successful, and bringing it to another server. Regardless of if its the original people or not they did ask permission to use the name. So be it. If they fail, they fail - If they succeed then congrats.

    We've all been in some time of remake scenario - this one may apply on a larger scale such as an alliance. But same concept...

    IMO This is just another thread for people to grope about something other than their own problems.
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  12. Osl112

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    I'm pretty sure you don't understand what a remake is.

    Remake: An alliance from one world being remade on another world in an attempt to recreate the success of the alliance before it.

    Secondly, its a discussion?
  13. Thomas

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    It is a discussion about TL.
    Eclipse's post is about the first one i've seen that has been generally about Remakes and hasn't used TL as an example.

    We have lost 2 cities, yes. 1 was from an inactive that was about to be kicked and the other was from a first time player. Congrats to Brian on the first conquest (mjfl), we really didn't support enough and it made us realise that.
    Hopefully we will make it more difficult for his next attempt!

    I do not believe we can 'tarnish' the name The Liquidators... If we WERE all the same players and we failed then maybe we would. But we are ifferent players and this is a different environment. If we fail then we fail and no body will think any different of TL on Theta.
  14. Poesiden02

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    OK so you said it is different players and a different enviroment so why are you trying to make a remake lol
  15. KAS1

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    He's making an alliance cause he wants to. Does it matter that it's a different environment? Every remake is in a different environment and will have different players to the original. Besides, he's already said he likes the name, and he's got permission to use it so there is no harm done.

    As for remakes in general, it entirely depends on the players. It is in some sense a new alliance with the same name. If it changed its name it wouldn't be a remake, it would just be another alliance. If someone tries to make an alliance EXACTLY like the original, they will fail. However most remakes are just new alliances with a few original players using an already known name.

    A complete copycat will fail, however anything else depends solely on the players' skill and how well the alliance is run. If the alliance adapts to the new environment, then it can do just as well as any other alliance in that world.