DOTW #4- Are some alliances too busy concentrating on diplomacy and recruitment?

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    (Now twice a week- Wednesday and Sunday)
    So, I'm going to introduce something new to the forum in an attempt to make it more active now and in the future. The idea derived from the DnD forum and should get people to express more views. All the topics will be about Grepolis and more importantly, Phi world.

    Every week, a question will be asked, which you can answer with your opinion below. There will be a couple rules in place to make sure this doesn't get out of hand as well as the normal forum rules.

    If you plan to use this on another world... credit!
    Respect is key. Respect everyones opinion, even if you don't agree with it yourself.
    Keep on the discussion topic, don't stray.
    No egotistical nonsense of any kind, everyone is equal, no matter of in game rank or so.

    It is time for another DOTW! Remember that it is in relation to Phi, so name Phi alliances or use examples if need be! As well as that, send in your questions; some may be used in future DOTWs! Oh, and also feel free to pass this onto people in game from all sorts of alliances. The more views and more discussion, the better for Phi. Anyway, today's question is:

    #4: Are some alliances too busy concentrating on diplomacy and recruitment on Phi?
    Are alliances to busy on using alternative tactics instead of war on Phi? Is it right that alliances have academies, surplus pacts and are too busy filling to the member cap on Phi?

    The low membership cap makes for interesting gameplay and although it tries to discourage mass recruiting, why do alliances (for example. Roman Empire) still do it? Is there a need for this amount of members or diplomacy and why do they do it? Can these alliances ever be successful? Discuss below...
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  2. CheezeHead

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    Apr 5, 2011
    Well, first of all, as founder of Tiny Teddies I will say that I have not been too busy in relation to diplomatic relations with other alliances.

    I have, and I can prove, over, say, 30-40 pact requests, and not one alliance leader/diplomat has sent me a decent message to discuss a possible pacts. I have been in talks with other alliances and the talks will remain confidential.

    None the less, I believe academies are pointless in such a world with a small alliance cap. Take for instance The Confiderancy of Phi. 3 alliances? Geeze. I wonder what they'll benefit from that. One decent alliance can most probably take on all 3 and whoop their ***.

    To answer one of the questions, I would have to say alliances do it because they're just simple noobs. I can't see any other explanation for it. I mean, really, the cap is designed for such a thing.

    I think the best possible answer we can all get is straight from the leaders who do do this. Perhaps they can read this and then enlighten us all. :D
  3. Osl112

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    I think I might have to send a few mails out in that case.

    As for the question... well I am unsure but I do dislike it. Ignorant leaders who diplohoe, greedy ones who mass recruit just to get the points. I reckon it could be done on this world; having an alliance with 3 odd academies that actually work though I think good leaders tend to sway away from that and rightly so.

    People should be educated in what diplomacy and leading an alliance is really like instead of just going for points points and more points.

    Oh, please feel free to pass DOTW on to people in-game... lets make these forums more active ;)
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  4. CheezeHead

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    Apr 5, 2011
    I think they should read your guide, Osl ;) The whole diplomatic part of it especially :p

    But yes, I have experienced in the past when you wish to attack an alliance but your pacts pact is pacted with them and if you hit them they'll get their pacts pact to pact with them and then they'll break..... ehh... LOL
  5. arul asveen

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    LOL cheeze
    usually if 2 alliances which are pacted with an alliance fights, the alliance can chose any side or stay neutral
  6. CheezeHead

    CheezeHead Strategos

    Apr 5, 2011
    Then what's the point of them as a pact?

    Depending on the terms of the pact, in most cases they would be there to SUPPORT you in any situation. So either they can help out, or be dropped as pacts. There's no neutral position in Grepolis. Staying neutral is just cowardice.
  7. arul asveen

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    even i was about to say that
  8. Osl112

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    Does this make it right to pact everyone and anyone though? As Cheeze said, pacts are there so that you can support and at the moment I don't see many alliances making any good relationships for other alliances so that they are a strong pact. I see all too many alliances wave pacts about almost as a statistic rather than being an actual pact.
  9. Jayaris

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    I don't think it's all a waste of time, I don't think that any serious alliance is going to uphold a pact that they made in the first month of the game when it no longer benefits them.

    But, making a pact can be helpful for example if there are two alliances you need to kill, but you aren't quite ready you can pact one while you kill the other.

    I wouldn't know whether any alliance is spending too much time concentrating on diplomacy in some cases I can see examples of alliances who will definitely fail if they don't play their diplomatic game right and there are always the scrubs who pacts with half a dozen alliances for no real reason.

    As far as recruitment goes, it's important to have the best players in your alliance - But, who's the best isn't really evident this early in the game..

    There are obviously extreme examples like WOLFPACK who subscribe too heavily to the strength in numbers philosophy.
  10. Osl112

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    You can pact one, but wouldn't that be not only a cowardice move for the alliance in question but a naive move for the enemy alliance. I was pretty sure pacts were meant as almost a relationship between two alliances rather than a name to hide with.

    I think Phi is a little bit scrubish on the aspect of diplomacy. However, when you need to create another alliance as you've gone a step too far... well thats a step too far. It could be done well, though so far I've failed to see anyone maintain any real bunch of academy alliances; it is definitely a noob tactic as it stands. Alliances like Roman Empire, the Godess alliances... I can't see them going anywhere, yet alliances still pact with them for no apparent reason and people still join them despite this.
  11. arul asveen

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    noobs join them not real players
  12. Fist Of The North Star

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    Apr 6, 2011
    Speaking as an Ex-member of the Roman empire alliances i can confirm that it was purely about recruiting as many players as possible and gaining as many pacts as possible

    Roman empire pacts last time i checked were as followed :

    Roman Empire
    Roman Empire II
    Roman Empire III
    Deadman wonderland
    Patria Croatia
    Patria Mercenaries
    and possibly many more subsequent alliances due to these pacts

    There was literally no enemies for me to attack, and while i did clear a few Patria Mercenaries while being in Roman Empire II (they were not pact with Roman Empire II but were pact with Roman Empire) i was immediately told to stop as they were a pact of the parent alliance

    Utterly cowardly and useless tactic in my opinion, there are very little worthwhile cities in 46 and even less so because of the 'Empire' and all its pacts

    Out of respect i offered to pact with Roman Empire II to save me slaughtering there members, this was denied so naturally im Wreaking havoc all by myself :)
  13. arul asveen

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    what is ur player name there?
  14. Fist Of The North Star

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    Apr 6, 2011
    Business Nunya

    and its not on topic :)
  15. CatoTheElder

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    Alliances like TCOP (1,2,3,4) will not still be in the top 10 in a months time. The way they play the game is not sustainable at all. They are literally pacted with everybody in ocean 56 (bar the top alliance) and don't have the co-ordination or even basic knowledge of the game to win a war against any alliance with half an ounce of cop on. Also I doubt anybody from their alliance is even reading this.
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  16. Morridin

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    I'm not too sure on the diplomacy side, I don't really have any inside info or care too much at the moment about which alliances have pacts with one another etc.

    But I definitely agree that academies on such a world seem pointless...most of the mother-alliances are already filled up, so there's no reward really is there? It ends up becoming a splinter Alliance and I'd imagine as there's so little movement the alliance will just reflect the ideas of the academy ruler rather than the core alliance. And all these alliances "Mark 2, Mark 3" etc just seem to be loosely allied groups, so doesn't seem much point in that, but I suppose time will tell..
  17. jkanderson1

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    Hey Business Nunya or should I say Harkonnen I know its you and you don't think that I would find this out. And you think one man can go against over 70 men I don't think so. And don't you mean slaughtering yourself. Once my City is a little bigger don't be suprised that you see 20 attacks on you because you know who it will be.

    And yes Cato Im reading this.
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  18. KAS1

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    They aren't talking about us :p (I hope as we aren't an alliance who pacts with everyone).
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  19. Fist Of The North Star

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    Apr 6, 2011
    you guys know how to attack???? Frankly I'm shocked

    Considering most of you thought this was a revolt world (according to the alliance forums, instructing players how to avoid/survive being revolted haha)

    anyway this thread is for discussion on diplomacy and recruitment and not how awful your alliance is

    please feel free to start another thread on that though
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  20. Porcelane

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    its my first time in a world with 30 max in alliance
    in this situation, i think there should also be a cap on pacts
    now, that would really seperate the good alliances from the networkers and sim players