DOTW #4- Are some alliances too busy concentrating on diplomacy and recruitment?

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    From what I have seen so far in Phi it certainly seems that way. I've seen many alliances that have at least 10 pacts and I'm wondering "why would any alliance want to get that many pacts." Sure, pacts help with reducing the number of people that can attack you but they also reduce the number of people that you and your fellow alliance members can attack. Like Fist of the North Start said on an earlier post:
    Grepolis is a war game, you're supposed to attack, spy, and conquer players of opposing alliances. It's what makes this game so much fun. Heaps of pacts, in my opinion, just take away from the value of the game and eventually you're left with a cheap knock-off of SimCity where all you do is build, build, build.
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    Phi's interesting because of the 30 member alliance cap. There's nothing wrong with concentrating on diplomacy and recruitment, as long as you're smart about it. I can understand the reason for academy/secondary alliances because even with two completely filled, it's only 60 players. With a 30 member cap, you'll need some seriously active players to even take the majority of entire ocean after a significant number of months playing. So early on, establishing a foundation for the long-term isn't a poor move. Just be smart about how you go about your business. Recruitment needs to be highly selective for a successful alliance, need to consider player activity, commitment, alliance involvement, and map location. Diplomacy needs to stay much more restrictive than recruiting. Allying with too many other alliances is a sign of either conservative playing tactics, fear, or noobs. Form alliances that will benefit your goals, especially those that you can actually work with.

    I don't know anything about Phi's current alliances, but concentrating on allies and recruitment is probably necessary with Phi's settings, but never ever forget to assert yourselves by attacking and conquering.

    It's sort of like a step by step process. Recruitment takes priority off the bat, gathering the best players you can find and evaluating their talents and map locations. Then the focus shifts to alliance growth, consider how your alliance will grow and expand without limiting yourselves, while recruitment takes a backseat and attacking is still not feasible. When players grow big enough to legitimately attack, you shift attention to attacking, farming other players, making them quit, establishing your alliance as top-notch, while considerations about recruitment and diplomacy take back seats, but always remain in the back of your mind.
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