DOTW #5- What is a good conquer on Phi?

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    So, I'm going to introduce something new to the forum in an attempt to make it more active now and in the future. The idea derived from the DnD forum and should get people to express more views. All the topics will be about Grepolis and more importantly, Phi world.

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    Sorry, slow day today; I should of posted this up earlier. Remember to send in your questions! Today's question is:

    #5: What is a good conquer on Phi?
    So, as most people have conquest or are getting it currently, now would be a good time for a little discussion on what is a good conquer? Is it clever to get a large conquer or start small at this stage? Is it worth clearing an enemy and conquering them or expanding into a new area? Also, name a couple of examples... have there been any good or bad conquers on Phi so far? Discussion time!
  2. In my opinion, conquering a city over 2800(just an estimate) points would be a better idea then conquering one lower. This makes it so that the conqueror's brand new city is close to being able to conquer another city. This only really works when you have a lot of BP so you can get a 3rd city quickly.
  3. CheezeHead

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    Apr 5, 2011
    Although points matter, I would also say position and the support of an alliance too.

    The more, the better, of course.
  4. demsccrstd

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    I agree with Cheeze. Unless you know you can hold yourself off against attacks I would prefer to conquer someone in which I know that I'll have the support of my fellow alliance members.
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    Monitoring the alliance we are at war with (The Confederace of Phi) I just spotted a very unusual conquest.

    First Conquest of the alliance

    Target 810 points

    Outer Rim

    Point leader on that island

    Is this very clever to avoid any kind of opposition, to set up a new powerbase further out where you can dominate,, where you might get other late starters join your MRA and at a later stage come back towards the center.

    Or is this the worst Conquest in Phi so far ??

    Can't add my own conquest here yet - just playing for less than 2 weeks.
  6. Osl112

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    That looks cowardly to me.
  7. Garyrune

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    Nov 30, 2010
    first two conquers should be atleast 2k + ,around 2,5 is good imo . But preferably 3k + and u will be fine . Will conquer myself this weekend .
  8. sai sumanth

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    Sep 8, 2010
    in my opinion taking a city from a alliance which is best in that server from a player who is very good at playing is the best conquer
  9. Tha Dutchman

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    I think position is the key. All for the glory of the alliance. It's better to conquer a small city close by in the territory of your alliance and build it up yourself, then conquer a big city far away.

    An compact alliance with low ranked players is far more stronger then an alliance with high ranked players only far away from each other.

    I personally prefer to have my first couple of city's very close. It's easy for supporting your own city's, but also for attack-planning. An alliance that can stay compact and small, always have better chance of survival.
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    Of course, if you find a good city that's near you take it. You could also try to get cities closer to other alliance members to help support them.
  11. nmrd

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    By far the better Idea.

    IF you're an alliance upcoming and wanting to solidify a spot in your Ocean, It's best to take even little 1800 cities in a nearby area, and plunk Alliance mates on your same Island, from a 1k city, just to reinforce yourself.

    I know that whats going on with my alliance of Barbie Bar Fighters
  12. owen66

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    I'm not sure tbh..
  13. Asjo

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    I agree with what people have been saying about positioning. I have passed up on several 8000 point ghost towns and have colonized instead, since the positioning of my cities is very important to me. The only difference between a small city and a big one is 2-3 weeks. Alliance strategy has highest priority, taking enemy cities has second priority and city points has least priority.
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