DOTW #6- Is it too early for war on Phi?



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#6: Is it too early for war on Phi?
There are some wars going on right this minute as well as a few frisky skirmishes. Skirmishes such as Waste Management against The Liquidators and wars such as the "The First Official Rim War", involving Sanity and The Confederacy of Phi. My question today is: Is it too early for war? Should alliances and players grow a little more before they get engulfed in conflict? Is there a right time for war at all, or should war be declared whenever possible. And what defines a war?

Discuss and share your views below. Get involved with the Phi community!

Sapphire Sorrows

Id say war is inevitable...It's gonna happen. However i don't think it's time for Successful wars, with more than a couple city takes. Just because it's a minority of players with Conquest and those players are hindered by morale while the slower of us players catch up.
Until we get conquer takes in double digits then i'd say there isn't much point to calling such conflicts war.

But that's just my opinion :p


1. Is it too early for war in world Phi?

No, I don't think so. It's been almost a month from the start of the world and many interesting things have happened. Of course, I don't think "war" is the correct word. I would rather say "small skirmishes" involving various alliances.
2. Should alliances and players grow before conflict?

Well, I would say an experienced or pretty decent player could still grow in points whilst building an army for conflict. However, if you were to be specific, players who are involved in conflict grow in battle points, and therefore, they can produce more Victory Precessions and therefore earn more slots which would result in the capablity of having more cities which results in growing.
Is there are right time for war?

Yes, of course. I would think every alliance and their counterparts ( allies ) aim for total domination. And therefore, when they see a threat who are in their vicinity ( ocean(s) ), I would say that war is on the table. And it really depends on when war should be declared. Various factors come into play. Size, capability, dependence, allies, etc.
What defines a war?

I think everyone would have a different definition of war, as for myself I would say a war involves two
sides and their counterparts those willing and those not. A war in Grepolis must involve dedicated and active members in an alliance. However, a war could also be defined by some as a skirmish 1v1, for example.


It's never too early for war in a war game :) I attack right out the gate, and try and create some small scale battles in my area.

To me, any attacks, spies, or invites to my members, and I'm rimming your leader. Plain and simple rules of war to me :D


If it is too early or not depends on the circumstances. In a 1 on 1 war between two parties the (sufficiently) stronger one should attack as early as possible to increase the advantage. The weaker party wants to delay any war as long as possible to build up.

So for one party it can't be early enough - for the other it is always too early. Just look at the farming that happens the moment BP ends.

Now the tricky part is - how do you determine if you are sufficiently stronger to ensure you benefit from the war. After all - it is an investment in time/resources on one hand but also a benefit in cities / resources / additional islands.

For farming I keep a spreadsheet that alerts me if I forgot a certain target during the day - but also that a certain target is non-lucrative. In this respect BP also have a true value and are part of the evaluation.

So as far as I can judge the rim war right now it is the right time for Sanity but far, far too early for The Confederacy.


I think wars early on quickly show who the boys and who the men are, i think it's never too early for war but don't bother rimming those with only one city, pick on someone your own size, that's why i love morale (unless your trying to finish a once was big player off).


I think wars early on quickly show who the boys and who the men are, i think it's never too early for war but don't bother rimming those with only one city, pick on someone your own size, that's why i love morale (unless your trying to finish a once was big player off).
I would disagree. Having a war before conquest is silly in my opinion. It will stunt your own growth more than it would do good.


There's such a thing as war before conquest? :D I personally build 1-2 more cities and then go for an actual conquest so i can have more support should things go wrong.


There's such a thing as war before conquest? :D I personally build 1-2 more cities and then go for an actual conquest so i can have more support should things go wrong.
Its unbelievable... hence why I think it is possible for it to be too early for war. In my opinion, very few people are ready for war at this stage, where they can rely on themselves and help their alliance significantly enough to get out of situations.


well osl arent you in teddys who are crushing everyone sofar :p ?

I think war this early is stupid and not large scale enough to count as that but you can seriously rim good players and leaders very easily making the alliances collapse rather easily . So in conclusion i would say yes and no since there are tactical advantages and disadvantages about war in this phase . Im about to conquer my 2nd soon (research is annoying to get ) and already it seems my alliance might get dragged into a war about our existance :/ .

Hagop abroumian

I would say that early wars aren't very good cause a leader must first ensure that EVERY member in his alliance is able to participate in the war then start them,and this takes time.


My opinion:
I believe that war is a complete necessity in Grepolis, and that it is not to early. War should only be declared between two alliances if at least say... 40% of the members have conquering. Otherwise, all it is is a pointless skirmish where nobody actually gains anything. In Skirmishes of such, all they do is slow down both the alliances so that neither of them grow as fast, and then another alliance later on comes and gobbles one of em up. This happened with my alliance.
We were at war with Red Mist, and they didn't consider us a threat, so they were attacking us. The skirmish went on for a while, and they began to steal our players! But, then guess what happened? Pink Death came along and gobbled red mist up! Now they are fleeing in terror, and we will later have our vengeance.

That was just a nice story to prove my point. Anyways, now many people have conquering and war is ready.


I think there is a difference between war and skirmishes. Until you have at least 10 cities, and a majority of your alliance has 5-10 cities or thereabouts, nothing is really a war. You should just be trying to conquer the best city targets that will help your growth, give a good "industrial base" to pump out units, and grab good positions on the islands around you and your alliance. Only when this is done can you really focus on war. Anything before that is just skirmishing for position and weeding out the weak, even if you want to call it a "war". In general.


I believe the main alliances are ready, but if the alliance is not in the top 100, then it is probably not smart to go all out with war. many alliances and new members (including me!) are not ready, as they are still getting the hang of how Grepolis and alliances work, but once an alliance starts reaching its maximum (And MRAs do not count), and many of them are experienced, then it war would be a recommended option. Unfortunately, many alliances start to think really big of themselves, especially MRAs, and start "wars", which are really skirmishes, unless they are foolish enough to attack a major alliance. Then, its just a massacre. I think, that even though we have entered the World Wonders Era, it is not exactly the smartest idea.

(Just realized this was revived. Excuse me for my impudence!)