Doves of War

Rooster Jones

We are centered in ocean 66. Sort of on the left side of it.

You know.... over by that island with the dude with the silly city name.


We are currently looking for active, experienced and good looking players.

if you're an active, experienced, good-looking player with at least 175 points and your city is located in an even-numbered ocean... and you are seriously interested in joining our alliance... please see a psychiatrist.

If after a minimum of 3 one hour long weekly sessions, you still want to join the Doves... contact me.

I'll forward you the application to fill out... please be aware that there WILL be a written test before final alliance approval.

Join the Doves... together we'll give em all the bird.

"Pennipotenti of a pluma... Iuguolo vos una"

"birds of a feather, kill you together"

Rooster Jones

Members of the Doves of War are expected to strictly adhere to the following rules:

  1. Every member must or must not have some sort of Avian terminology in either their player name or their city name, preferably both or neither but not vise versa.
  2. All members of the alliance must recognize, respect and respondulate to the rights of other alliances as far as required by local island ordinances, city municipal codes and county zoning regulations... limited only by your religious beliefs and/or your mom's household rules.

Rooster Jones

Alliance Ranks:

Every alliance needs a definitive list of member rankings... TITLES that clearly define a player's role within the alliance.

Here is ours:

  1. OverSquirrel
  2. Ocean UnderLord
  3. Under OceanLord
  4. Sub OceanUnderLord - see note #1
  5. KingPin Prime
  6. Burgermeister
  7. Blastmaster General
  8. Kingpin
  9. Jarl - see note #2
  10. Kingpin In Training
  11. Chief Blastmaster
  12. Full Blastmaster
  13. Jarl Junior with Cheese - see note #3
  14. Sub Full Blastmaster
  15. Full Sub Blastmaster
  16. Jarl Junior - legacy position
  17. Official Regency Officer (ORO)
  18. Official Regency Agent (ORA)
  19. Major Raider On Call - see note #4
  20. Sub Regency Agent to the Blastmaster General

  • Note #1: - 3 per ocean - or 2 if the ocean is south of the prime meridian.
  • Note #2: - like a Kingpin, but in charge of cross- regional spiffs.
  • Note #3: - with option to advance to a Full Blastmaster or Kingpin In Training, but not a jarl without a two thirds majority vote by all active Major Raiders on Call
  • Note #4: -- full rights and authority of an ORO, but diplomacy is redefined to mean "kill em"

A member will be assigned two or maybe three of these titles based upon battle points, city points and the overall ability to balance large awkward objects on their head.
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Rooster Jones

RJ can I join your alliance? will support you with militia if you need :)
You're MY kind of player scucko.... you understand the game...

As long as you promise not to build any more CS nukes... you're in.


I'll forward you the application to fill out... please be aware that there WILL be a written test before final alliance approval.
I dont want to join, 'cause i still dont see "Master Brew Sampler" as a member ranking, however, I would like to fill out the application just for chits and giggles.

Rooster Jones

You guys seriously want to join?

I mean... like seriously?

Rooster Jones

As many of you have feared for a while....

The Doves of War open membership slots are filling up quickly...

So if your aim is to be a part of the third greatest alliance in Edessa Ocean 44 history... contact me soon....

Before you lose your chance FOREVER.... and you end up being a pathetic loser stuck in one of our soon to be lame-O academy alliances.... like the Pigeons of Conflict and the Seagulls of Slapfights.