Newspaper Down & Dirty with Dee Dub; War for the core / World War Thebes



Extra! Extra! read all about it. Let the fearsome threesome begin!
It's world war Thebes.... No! It's War for the core

Lacking Sanity and League of Doom/A Team Can't come to an agreement

"All sides were in agreement that no immediate ops were planned, and we would just let the fighting progress naturally. I think everyone assumed it would take a week or so to really get going... Those damn double BP boosts though. People activate one of those and they search for troops like a crack head searches for a pipe. i logged in two hours after the NAP ended and there is nukes being thrown around, CS in the water. retaliatory attacks. both sides caused a pretty impressive amount of damage honestly and in the end we are gonna lose a city"
- the big bad


Interview w/ the big bad of Lacking Sanity

Q.) You and BOOM seem to be trading blows lately, how do you guys feel you're doing against them? Is anyone getting the better of the other?

A.) I'm pretty happy with how we are doing. Mojosrisin is chewing through their cluster from ocean ocean 44. on the 55/54 border we have a much more competitive back and forth going on. Lacking Sanity is winning so far in my opinion. but there has been some very strong game play on both sides. Killzkuba stands out to me on boom, as he has shown an impressive amount of aggression as well as talent.

Q.) It is my understanding that you are no longer NAP'ed with LoD/A Team; What's the story behind this?

A.) The NAP was short term, and both sides had their reasons for being interested in it. While it would have continued to be useful in finishing off BOOM/DT, i had some players getting bored on the southern 44 border. Ending the NAP made our victory less of a sure thing, but it has created a good deal of fun for my members, and i feel it makes the world as a whole more interesting.

"we only had a temporary nap with LOD/ATEAM for 3 weeks that's all we stayed in our oceans they stayed in there's"
-jayson pfug

Q.) It seems LoD/A Team have scored first blood, Did you guys attempt to break the siege or was it simply deemed a casualty of war? Being at war on multiple fronts has it's downsides, how will you handle the future threats? Focus on a single target or obliterate them all?

A.) They landed the first CS, in which we quickly retaliated. War escalated much quicker than both sides anticipated i believe. We made a solid attempt to break the siege, and got very close. Ateam/LoD did an impressive job getting support in though an we were forced to concede the city to them after a short time. War on multiple fronts is what keeps the game exciting. I feel like Lacking Sanity has the talent, teamwork, and firepower to give each front more than adequate attention

Q.) What is your opinion on the war for the core? LoD/A Team v LS/SoD v DT/BOOM, looks pretty evenly matched on paper? What is your unbiased, and honest opinion on what potential outcomes could take place?

A.) War for the Core has a nice ring to it. Ive been calling it "World War Thebes." all 3 sides of this triangle of chaos seem about as evenly matched as you could ask for. each side obviously have some different strengths and weakness, but i will let everyone figure out what those are on their own :D I am confident in the ability of Lacking Sanity to adapt and thrive. All 3 sides are strong and established enough, that i think the first side to fall will do so internally

Yellow = Lacking Sanity
Orange = Syndicate of Destruction
Pink = A Team
Red = League of Doom
Blue = Depraved Tendencies
Light Green = BOOM
Green = Malediction


On a side note, I had one last question for TBB

Q.) The Scorpions - This small little group from Athens is still around despite you giving them a beating. They just continue to multiply... Do you think it's possible to extinguish them completely from Thebes? Or at least the core?

A.) The Scorpions are a very proud group, albeit not the smartest. They have 3 very talented players, i do not deny that, but the rest are noobs*. They can be removed from the core, we bring them closer to the rim everyday. I do not know if its possible to remove them from Thebes though. Their willingness to survive, and colonize cities while losing their established ones is admirable.


Interview w/ gREGORY MCDANIEL of The Scoprions

Q.) The Scoprions - What's the history here? I've heard you guys are a little group from Athens? Which alliance did you guys reside in there?

A.) Speaking for the core group, we are from Athens, where we were also known as Scorpions, although we have picked up approximately one-third of our players in this world. We expect to last until the end of the server and not only that, we expect to obtain a position in the top 12 Alliances.

Q.) It seems as though Lacking Sanity has it out for you. They just keep coming for your cities; how does a small group fend off the unanimous number one alliance in Thebes? You guys seem to replace lost cities almost as fast as they can take them. How long do you potentially think you can last?

A.) More than seems like, In fact Lacking Sanity, whom we have nick-named LoserS, began targeting us when we each had a but a single city, of course we were not LoserS, only target or priority, Big Bad seems to be employing a strategy of targeting smaller alliances until they crumble and recruiting any promising players, before or after it falls apart.

Its challenging and we get a set-back now and then, but on the whole we are growing, but as painstakingly slow as growth is when your on top, it feels like it nearly grinds to a halt when one has to colonize often and replace lost cities and fight for each and every city. Building a lot of character here though.

Q.) War for the core - LS has recently chosen to decline the extension between them and LoD/A Team. Seemingly this will create a three way war for the core between LoD/A Team v LS/SoD v DT/BOOM. How do you see this ending and who do you think how the largest chance to control the core?

A.) Far to early for me to make any prediction about the core, except to say LoserS won't be there, having made almost everyone an enemy and alienating their few friends, I see them falling apart. Most of their exceptional players and they have a few, will form a new alliance or join others, they just wont thrive much longer under there current arrogant and in my opinion, poor leadership.

Now that people are finding out their alliance is NOT invincible, their alliance will eventually succumb to a slow painful death of 1000 cuts and, where Scorpions can assist, stings, as people seek their just and long overdue vengeance.


Interview w/ Xwing Pilot of A Team

Q.) It is no secret you work closely with League of Doom and control O45 together, why is it you've only collected 3 cities off of DT where LoD has collected 14?

A. LoD is definitely an alliance that pushes the pace on the server. A Team until now has been more focused on solidifying the core, but still more than capable of doing damage when the time is right. A large group of our core players have also been preoccupied with the wonder race on our main server (which we recently won), so I believe you'll see the progress of A Team increasing much more now.

Q.) As diplomat of A Team, you had managed terms of a NAP with LS. It appears this was only a temporary agreement and further discussions of an extension were not reached. Is war going to break out?

A.) Though it technically wasn't a NaP, you are correct. Our agreement was temporary from the start. I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say that creating a pact with Lacking Sanity would take a lot of the fun out of this server. We simply agreed to take care of some other business before engaging each other. Looking forward to many more exchanges with them as well.

Q.) What is your opinion on the war for the core? LoD/A Team v LS/SoD v DT/BOOM, looks pretty evenly matched on paper? What is your unbiased, and honest opinion on what potential outcomes could take place? Who do you feel will be your biggest threat?

A.) Typical three way server war. As you said, evenly matched and the exchanges may favor one side or another but nothing major will come of this war. The only thing I can see happening, is one of the rim alliances growing strong enough to pressure us in the core. Otherwise we will just force each other to grow towards the rim.

Q.) Family Uninvited - Recently it seems your alliance ended NAP agreements with a small group, why the sudden extermination of them from O45?

"I'm not at all sure what happened here, i guess it's like high school, friends 1 day enemies the next."
- ArriAddik

"They showed to be a liability"

A.) The early NaP with Family United was a strategic move to dictate the ownership of ocean 45. This NaP was based on the success of their team. As an alliance, they were no longer able to compete on the level of LoD/A Team so we did what was necessary as discussed during the creation of that NaP.


Interview w/ Rizzlah of Syndicate of Destruction

Q.) Your alliance has been here since day one, and looking pretty good in O54 and a strong contender in this world. Despite this Response Error has almost an equal portion of as well. What is your relationship to them if any? Have you guys clear boundaries if you're involved in any sort of diplomacy?

A.) Nothing official has been made between our alliances. I think were both busy dealing with other alliances. But inevitably, due to the location of our alliances - a fight has to happen some time.

Q.) Lots of internalizing lately eh? I have found in the last 72 hours we have been able to do nothing besides internalize players who are leaving the world. What do you think gives? Is it a lack of fighting or pure competition in Thebes?

A.) Yes, we have had quite a few internals to deal with. I think we had 3-4 last week...One player had a new project at work, so ultimately either slacked in our alliance or lost his job. Another one was going travelling with his family and would be gone for months and the last one simply got bored of Grepo. You know, it happens... playing in Calydon for over a year now.. i've seen half the team come and go... Obviously real life takes a commanding priority over Grepo - so can't complain.

Q.) Who approached who to instigate the LS/SoD friendship? Did they come to you? Did you beg for their mercy? Common interests? Friends from another world? Did you two ever trade shots before coming to an agreement?

A.) This question keeps popping up and people really do have the wrong idea about SoD lol. The majority of SoD played Calydon before Thebes where we had met Mojo (about a year ago)... As soon as this world started.. LS had 9 members - we had about 20. I knew what Mojo was capable of from fighting him for nearly a year... On day 1 I approached him about merging together.. ofcourse both of us being stubborn - we didn't want to merge into the others alliance. So we left it there - until about 1 week later where we decided on a pact. We have been pacted since 1.5-2 weeks into this world. When everybody thought Butter would destroy SoD - We were chilling. We knew we had it under control. Common interests... War I guess! And no we have never had to beg for mercy (well not yet anyway).

Q.) War for the core - Lacking Sanity has recently chosen to decline the NAP extension between them and LoD/A Team. Seemingly this will create a three way war for the core between LoD/A Team v LS/SoD v DT/BOOM. Are you ready for world war Thebes? How do you see your alliance contributing to the outcome of the world? Where do you think RE stands in all this?

A.) Looks like a tough old time ahead eh? Unlike many of the alliances in Thebes or even Grepo in general... Lacking Sanity don't do diplomacy and if they do - its carefully considered. We showed them we meant business and in the end got the pact with them which has benefited us both so far. LoD/A Team and DT/BOOM.. both serious competitors and I can't see anyone backing out soon. We're ready for whatever comes our way, and being one of the top alliances in Thebes every decision we make affects the outcome of this world - much like the other 5 noted in the question. RE seem to be holding up well so far, but I don't think any alliance has yet gone to 4th gear on them.. We'll have to wait and see where they stand when the real pressure mounts.


Time for a top 12 Alliances of Thebes Infomercial.

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#1) Lacking Sanity
ABP Ranking : #1
DBP Ranking : #4
- The clear leader in ABP and top dog in O44, After a multitude of disbands they scooped up a handful of premium players in O54 and continue to move towards the core. The most aggressive alliance and current dictator of Diplomacy as they have a firm grasp on their core ocean. Some of the best leadership I have seen in awhile, class act guys. They continue to keep this world interesting and competitive. Has been trading blows with BOOM over the 54/55 border - With a score of 13-4 in favor of LS. Has been at war with The Scorpions Since early days of BP and wining 29-0 stainless but seemingly only generating them city slots.
Core Contender

#2) League of Doom
ABP Ranking : #3
DBP Ranking : #5
- One of two alliances that dominate O45, they have been a contender since day one and are moving East into O55. A core of DT players residing along the 45/55 borders created tension between the two sides sparking a war. They are up by scores of 16-0(DT) - 5-0(BOOM) - 4-0(Malediction). Gaining ground and slowly solidifying their side of the border and creeping into O55. A NAP with LS has provided them the edge beginning this war but how efficiently can they fight on multiple fronts? They haven't truly lost a city in awhile, the upcoming week will be a huge telling sign on how well they do in the future.
Core Contender

#3) A Team
ABP Ranking : #11
DBP Ranking : #12
- The other dominant alliance in O45, many have questioned their tactics and strategy from the first day of BP. The fact is they are still here, how many of you are? They are the less aggressive of the two powers in O45 with pedestrian BP totals compared to their overall ranking. They lead against Depraved Tendencies by a score of 3-0 in favor of AT. It should also be noted they scooped a city off a Malediction player. The most interesting thing I see is the exchange of a city with LS moments after NAP extension talks fizzled. They scored first blood, was it a mistake to strike so soon? Or did they make a good move here? It will be interesting to see what happens in O45, as Family United was recently shoved out of the "Cool kids club" - Could A Team be cast aside once LoD is done using them as a support system?
Core Contender

#4) Syndicate of Destruction
ABP Ranking : #4
DBP Ranking : #10
- One of 3 forces to be reckoned with in O54, they currently hold the top spot but only by a slight margin. Seems to have stumbled on an acorn siding with LS for the moment. The only real conflict they are in currently is with BOOM, where they are losing 4-1 in favor of BOOM. Boundaries with Response Error are not clear, when will that toothpick be pulled that makes all the marbles fall?
Core Contender

#5) Depraved Tendencies
ABP Ranking : #2
DBP Ranking : #3
- My alliance, so I will avoid commenting. Cities gained and lost against other top 12 alliances can be found in their bios.
Core Contender

#6) BOOM
ABP Ranking : #9
DBP Ranking : #2
- The new leader in points in O55, a group of Corinth's finest with new friends sprinkled in. Lacking the ABP I would expect but a very efficient group none the less. Have recently jumped the DBP boards all the way to 2nd due to some heavily contested sieges with LS. Score is 13-4 in favor of LS but they aren't letting them push them around or rolling over. Has been able to at least crack the shell of the juggernaut that is LS. Exchanges between LoD/A Team and LS should take some of the heat off them, can they take advantage of this and gain ground on the 54/55 border?
Core Contender

#7) The Brotherhood
ABP Ranking : #6
DBP Ranking : #14
- These guys are the dominant alliance down South in O56, and have recently been waging war against the Ruthies. Winning this short exchange 6-1 in their favor. It should also be noted their affiliated with The Cypranos who are losing the fight against the Ruthies 7-3. So overall neither is really gaining ground. Poached a small group from the Angels, will those players regret the decision or is the grass greener on this side?
Rim Contender

#8) Sour Apples
ABP Ranking : #13
DBP Ranking : #51
- A spin off alliance stemming from HaVoC who control the better portions of O53. No major wars to speak of just core solidifying yet. They are affiliated with Controlled Burn and look to let them regroup in their core. I see a potential merge here and force to be reckoned with. They could build away from the core and be in a good spot come the wonders era. They may get bored and not make it there that way though, do they get feisty and join the fun in the core?
Rim Contender

#9) Response Error
ABP Ranking : #8
DBP Ranking : #18
- The quiet one in O54, between them and their academy they control the North East section. They are a real wildcard in the core and could create some serious noise by their future actions. Could be influenced to join the bloodshed but seem content watching mostly from the sidelines. No major wars to speak of... wakey wakey...!
Core Contender

#10) Ruthless Angels
ABP Ranking : #5
DBP Ranking : #1
- The other half of O55, the most contested of the core oceans and only ocean with major internal wars. They have an academy the Ruthless Heroes which are located mostly in O65. Have been at war with DT/Male/BOOM for some time now; Score is 32-3 (Angels(17-3) & Heroes(15-0) combined) in favor of Depraved Tendencies. They are winning against Malediction 6-2 in favor of Ruthies. On the other hand they are also down 10-6 against BOOM. A random yet interesting fact: Angels have taken a total of 16 cities from the Heroes... Seems they are not all for location or traded either. Seems they recruit to swallow these players ~
Core Contender

ABP Ranking : #21
DBP Ranking : #66
- Founded just 15 days ago these guys are the largest and most dominant alliance of O65. Ruthless Heroes seems to be the only competition for the ocean which should lead one to believe smooth sailing. Has yet to show any aggression towards the expanding Ruthie threat, when will the time expire? My Intel says it's already begun just neither side has succeeded in a CQ attempt. It's the old LoD/A Team saga all over again!
Rim Contender

#12) Super Best Friends
ABP Ranking : #7
DBP Ranking : #33
- This is real black horse alliance here, residing and dominating O66 they are so far out in the rim they rarely see any real competition. They have recently been moving into O65 by way of Ruthie knockout; 13-0 over the Ruthie Heroes. Flown under the radar until this week, welcome to Hollywood; the big leagues; errr... maybe just the top 12 alliances of Thebes. You're now on people's radar ~ I could see a potential war between SBF /The WOLFPACKS over the Eastern Rim.
Rim Contender


Interview w/ jason pflug of Lacking Sanity

Q.) You and BOOM seem to be trading blows lately, how do you guys feel you're doing against them? Is anyone getting the better of the other? Have you been surprised at how well or not so well they have done so far? Has it been probing so far or more?

A.) I feel we are doing really good against boom they have some good players on paper
As of right now LS is getting the better of them.I only know of 1 successful conquest that they have had on LS. I don't know the count of the top of my head but we are winning so far. i think if things keep on this pace BOOM may have to think of other options. Am little surprised at booms lack of aggression on us seeing has they started out on fire.

Q.) It seems LoD/A Team and your alliance LS have wasted no time getting to know one another following the ended NAP. It seems as though you've been biding your time, how prepared is LS for the upcoming fights?

A.) No time was wasted yes (lol) not surprised there has been a few heated exchanges on the externals prior between members. So Its only natural to want to get in the ring and punch it out. LS is always ready for the big fights we know they got game but so do we!

Q.) What is your opinion on the war for the core? LoD/A Team v LS/SoD v DT/BOOM, looks pretty evenly matched on paper? What is your unbiased, and honest opinion on what potential outcomes could take place? Who do you think could be a wildcard that isn't mentioned in the world war Thebes?

A.) I think its crazy and awesome, that all these top alliances are fighting it out. This is what this game is all about right here. Some of the best players/alliances in the game showcasing there skills in battle against one another. All other boring worlds need to take notes on how to have fun. You get some of these worlds the top 2 alliances pact and kill everyone and in 6 months it boring and dead. not in THEBES!!!!

:pro: :pro: :pro: :pro: :pro: :pro: :pro: :pro: :pro: :pro: :pro: :pro: :pro: :pro:


Interview w/ zDrunkMonkey of Sour Apples

Q.) You and the majority of your members are former members of HaVoC; What's the story on the founding of Sour Apples? I have fought and been allied to LoWkEy before, he is not a part of SA, why?

A.) lowkey liked to show up for an hour or so every other day and make people mad. I ended up doing all the work, so I just quit one day, went surfing for a while, and when I came back the whole alliance had left, too. I don't think anyone really liked the guy. He's smart, but we're an emotional powderkeg over here. Should have named ourselves Functionally Dysfunctional.

Q.) There is this alliance, Order of Chaos that seems to have lifted a few cities from you guys. Is this a war, an ally?, what's the scoop?

A.) Ya, when we reformed without lowkey, we really wanted move our guys out of O63. So, we traded 2 cities to those guys and were looking to trade more to them so we could beef up O53 a lil more and head south into O54 - we're starting to get a rep for beating up on noobs which isn't cool. But over the last 48 hours, they started sending attacks. Stupid - we probably would have just given them those cities to open up slots. So now we have to put off heading into O54 yet again and take out another silly rim alliance. To date it's been: Omega, Alpha, Dark Ones, Dark Ones Div 2, Dark Ones Div 3, The Spartan Empire, United Nations, Chaotic Re-Uprising, Lost Souls of the Rim, Concedo Nulli, Eyes of Insanity 1, 2 & 3, and probably 2 or 3 others.

We don't ever really declare war on anyone, we just take cities if you're not blue.

Q.) War for the core - LS has recently chosen to decline the extension between them and LoD/A Team. Seemingly this will create a three way war for the core between LoD/A Team v LS/SoD v DT/BOOM. How do you see this ending and who do you think how the largest chance to control the core?

A.) Although it's likely that whoever can work Response Error into that mix will at least get a short term shot to the arm. Every time I turn around another alliance is asking us for help with them. Figured with all these alliances working on Response Error, they'd be gone by now.


Life of a Ruthie


Interview w/ Aserius of The Brotherhood

Q.) You seem to have quietly fortified a firm grip on O56, were there any major threats that were in the way or has it been smooth sailing?

A.) To be honest with you, it has been pretty smooth. We actually had a "butter war" with Memento Mori (top 12 alliance). We started to send attacks and conquered two cities and the alliance collapsed. Other than that it's been a breeze.

Q.) It seems the alliances Ruthless Angels & Ruthless Heroes have been slowly invading the border of O55/O56. Do you think you can hold them back?

A.) They definitely have, well.. Patri4 has. Holding them back seems to be the question. Because we have taken some RA cities (Mostly Patri's) and all he does is conquer no alliance members to fill up his slots weather its 2000 points or 8000. This is not a dis to Patri in any way as he is an incredible player, he's just soaking up space in our ocean.

Q.) Recently, you have taken in a handful of players from Ruthless Angels, why did they decide to join you? A few of them have already lost cities to their former alliance, how do you plan to effectively support players that are being targeted by their old alliance and outnumbered on islands?

A.) We have taken in 3 members, they communicate well, they're great people and they're good players. Why wouldn't why take them right? They joined us because RA is not an alliance, it's more of a slaughter house. From the words of the players "it was as if we were his lambs" Great alliance right? They have lost cities yes, but they were far out and its hard to coordinate strikes in the core of RA, we will support them as we do with all of our players, to the best of our ability.

Q.) If you defeat the Ruthies, where do you plan on expanding next? Do you have worries of core alliances or other dominant rim alliances will look to take what you've been working at solidifying?

A.) "If" I don't think with all the alliances chewing on RA they will last long.. Our expansion will either be north to O55 to get into the fighting, or to the west to ocean 46 to fight the Crusader bunch (*sigh* another MRA family) to strengthen ourselves even more to fight the big boys. Honestly, I believe right now that everyone should be fearing each other, all it takes is for a couple top 6 alliance to turn on one and bam, they're gone. But to put one alliance into perspective that may come to challenge us, would possibly be A-Team.. since they aren't the most aggressive bunch they may come and pick on a rim alliance, and if so.. we will be here to meet them.


Interview w/ nodoor of W0LFPACK

Q.) Your alliance WOLFPACK is the most dominant alliance in O65 holding over 200 cities between your two factions. A small group I like to refer to as the Ruthies has been expanding/recruiting into your borders. Are they welcomed there?

A.) Today 6 CS has been sent to their cities on massive ops. Not welcomed, they are Red and we put high alert on them.

Q.) War for the core - Lacking Sanity has recently chosen to decline the NAP extension between them and LoD/A Team. Seemingly this will create a three way war for the core between LoD/A Team v LS/SoD v DT/BOOM. If all alliances play fair and don't gang up do you see this war ever ending? Who do you think the biggest threat is of the listed superpowers and why? How do you see your alliance playing into the war?

A.) "if all alliances play fair and don't gang up do you see this war ever ending?" - The problem is most of the Top players are mature and highly experienced, with a single talk or two everyone just become friendly or NaP, more like politics bargaining instead of real battlefield encounters. | "Who do you think the biggest threat is of the listed superpowers and why?" - Threats in negative words.. Fadiga, kinda reminds me of Frogman666 and Tang of PORT (Gamma World), please refer Gamma threads for their post and acts. "How do you see your alliance playing into the war?" - We have manage to form a group of solid people emotionally, i know that would never win the war, but we do have solid crew attached one to another, and that's what i called playing game.

Dee Dub Player of the Week
Goes to....

"Great player, strong one, world hates him. He is one of the most important character in Box Office movies. If we are on the same size, i would like to be the one who fight him."

Interview w/ Fadiga of Ruthless Angels

Q.) I am featuring you as the player of the week. You have gained 117,067 BP in the last week ~ And a healthy mix of both ABP and DBP. What is the primary way you generate BP? Hunting? Defending Sieges? Being the target of CQ attempts?

A.) Being the target of CQ attempts maybe be benefit me more BP. Actually this Is the part of game which I like more. If you have to defeat 10-20 enemies attacks with big armies that’s real fun!

Q.) You've managed in the last week to take 3 cities belonging to The Cypranos, and 2 cities belonging to Depraved tendencies while only losing a single city to DT. How do you manage to outscore your enemies in colonizations? A lack of attempts on your cities? Do you praise your alliance for your success? Or are you a robot hat doesn't ever sleep, and just that big of a beast?

A.) I am robot off course but if go for other city unfortunately it cant help. So you have to prepare as well. I can play more risky but I in current situation dot have right for make many mistakes coz it will cost a lot for my alliance.

Q.) So far in your stay in Thebes, you've taken cities from the following alliances: Depraved Tendencies, Lacking Sanity, BOOM, Malediction. Pretty convincing colonization history; How long do you think you can keep it up with so many enemies surrounding you and who is your current biggest threat?

A.) I didn’t want to play so intensively. At starting stage of the I used gold not often. I supposes it will be like tutorial for me how to lead alliances. And definitely I learnt a lot. Unfortunately I got that I shouldt believe that some people will keep word
I don’t think that some alliance is threat to personally me. But I feel responsibility for my alliance, people who believe me. So I decided to take lesson some guys.

Q.) War for the core - LS has recently chosen to decline the NAP extension between them and LoD/A Team. Seemingly this will create a three way war for the core between LoD/A Team v LS/SoD v DT/BOOM. How do you see this ending and who do you think the biggest threat is of the listed superpowers and why? How do you see your alliance Ruthless Angels playing into the war?

A.) Ruthless Angels are definitely great. We are surrounded since start stage of the game and fight against 6-7 alliances the same size or bigger. Honestly I didn’t expect we will survive in such circumstances. But we still alive and have ability to expand and even more.

As for LoD/A TeamvLS/SoDvDT/BOOM they can regret that break NAP so fast. Coz DT is still swimming.

Q.) Who is your favorite player / alliance in the world of Thebes and why? For obvious reasons you can't pick a member of your own alliance.

A.) I mostly like DT and The Lucky man. They gave me incredible amount of BP.

Honorable Mentions:

"Penstreetrunners! Played with him in Achilles, he knows how to flat out the game and was always a good team mate."

"The Mogul and to be honest it's rather weird having him painted red as we always been team mates for over 3 years elsewhere. Solid player who's gotten and maintained this rep he has in the grepo community."



Top effort. Enough there for everyone in the world to see what's going on!


great newspaper mate one of the better one i have read in a long time

everyone did a great interview

the only one that sucked was GREG from THE SCORPIONS :rolleyes:, He sounded like the little kid that got his lunch money stolen in school and he is still angry about it ten years later :p. Just keep taking and building them 1k cities up for us and we will keep taking them when they are ready. its nice to have farm system like major league baseball :D
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Unreal, best newspaper I've read on the forums so far. Lots of information!!!


well done DW. questions were well posed and avoided all that evocation of the 5th.


nice read, i must add Fadiga is a robot, created in Jors Lab, its been confirmed :p


I liked the newspaper, although a bit biased but good overall.

EDIT: This paper has officially been made by Satan. 666 views!! :eek::heh: