Newspaper Down & Dirty with Dee Dub; War for the core / World War Thebes


The end of the war

In defense of Spooky, I would say that they are actually some real competition unlike the rest of the rim alliances we've encountered. In the past we've literally torn through whole alliances in just a day or two and then mopped up the pieces over the subsequent couple of week. These are actually for real. It might take us a few weeks to push them out of O63.

He's just pissy because we haven't let him sleep much over the last 7 days.
It is a great shame to see the war between OoC and Apples end. Some really great competitors over there but the predictions of defeat of OoC have been once again proven to be incorrect. Do not under estimate Chaos we grow like mold one city at a time. As the great Spook once said "Apples have skill and size we have skill and crazy". Crazy always triumphs over size. (even four to one in cities, crazy can work)

final score

Silly Little Rim Alliance 20 (thats OoC for those that did not read the original quote)
Apples 16

OoC and friends dominate O63 and the Apples have disbanded. While I am excited about the vic, can only say good things about some of the Apples whom were a class act.