Dracarys vs. Everybody


Hang on, am I getting this right you think Bloods is a strong team?

pretty sure Sparty was the biggest one with 4 cities that too cause he colonised on a rock like a dum dum. Rest were on 2 cities
this event be too garbage to spend on anyways

Edit: aaa i didnt quote the garbage he wrote. He deleted it lol.

@zeuse4848 dude since when did u start right short essays, gotta a lil bit of dat WA syndrome did ya?
Since i remembered the password to my account lol ....


Since you gave the time to write this i thought i would respond mate.

to shorten things

you are from Fiasco yoy have a lot of players that are experienced you have been on a lot of worlds together or seperate,you are one of the most skilled players in the Game you know tons about Heroes,attacking defending so on especially @NutsNBoltz @Spartan AD who i learned a lot from but practically all your members have tons of experience and skill.

Gold helps you a lot in Events in getting tons of tokens and all the rewards that are pretty impressive.

Put all these things together Mass Gold + your Skill and you are invincible!

Thats why players arent attacking you thats why no one is making any effort to seriosly defend against you thry have already given up.

You cheated at the start by Creating ghost cities filling them with BPwhile you were still in Beginers protection half of you were playing the otber half were the Ghosts they ghosted you took there cities you got BP they built they returned you continued playing by having huge Cities and 6/7 Cities while all of us still had 2/3 max Luck ? I doubt it i call Multi accounting.

All and all we cant compete so just do whatever you guys want yeah im Hitting VM for a while.

Best of Luck Peeps
Happy Birthday to me :D

Be safe all
lol classic.... cant make a valid argument and accuses us of cheating LOL
Its not like you can get BP from quests and theinital 100 camps + you know attack people lol .... but just because we have many slots means we botted.. bruh
i find it funny to play in a world like this, it makes me happy to see people wasting money for me. don't know about you, but for a non golding player this should be the best part of the game.
maybe if this world makes a coalition against fiasco it could work, but only in the late game. we'll see ;)