Dracarys vs. Everybody


@ Lost1547....and that means what exactly? Just more rude and insulting comments from the class clown looking for attention.

@ Foog whatever.... your "cool dude" applied to your alliance of Lads and Lasses ( please do not call a grown woman a Lass, it is defamatory ) on April 13, and was rejected (see this thread page one second post). He set the rules for the alliance regarding internals and reservations etc and disregarded them for his benefit. What I posted was just for the internals, there were two additional making a total of eight. A tad greedy. One of the players who's cities were reserved, ghosted so that Zeke would not get them. I was not the only one to complain, and most complained in private to Zeke only to be stonewalled. Of 42 cities lost by Yammies to Fiasco, Zeke lost 10 of them in 20 days, 25 percent of the losses.

listen here lass, dont be scared @ them