Inactive Topic Drafts


Proposal: Add on a Draft section to messaging.

Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?No, I have not checked the achive.

Reason: I hate having to only be allowed to send a message on the spot instead of being able to save it for later. For example if I am developing a finely detailed report letter, etc I would like to be able to save it to add on to it later.

Details: Add a draft section along with the New message section, announcements, etc sections. In such section you can save uncompleted messages for later completion.

Visual Aids: N/A

Balance: N/A

Abuse Prevention: N/A

Summary: Just an extention to messaging.
I agree with C4, I tend to write important messages in my notes or on my microsoft word. But this idea is still good as it would make life easier for leaders who do need to send alot of messages. So its still good :)


I don't see the need for this as you could easily save your work in your Notes
You could, but I believe this would be easier, if only by a little. Plus it leaves more note space I suppose? (Need to look at notes to compare)