Dragon Head Battle Stats


No leader would constantly post bad things.They would admit bad things.
As I have in the past over issues such as ML's inactive patch and ML not being able to conquer as many of Phenomen's tasty cities as PoC. Get to your point, because this subject is stupid. Even if I said only good things all the time, if they are true, which they are, what the hell does it matter?

Judging something on one type of statistic is a bit narrow minded skully :p. There are many contributing factors to most things aswell as opinions on this war, although the conquest stats are in support of your view.
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Methinks he is using statistics like a drunk uses a lampost - for support rather than illumination.


Okay will keep these updated and in this thread only. Tally is in successful conquests, inactive or not, these are stats from grepostats and they do not lie.

I'm starting all stats from today, the 1st of February even though VP have been at war for a while longer, and the losses on Phenomen's side are only losses from Dragon Head alliances.

Side A
Molon Labe
Gains: 148
Losses: 15

Phoenix of Carthage
Gains: 228
Losses: 14

Virtus Phoenix
Gains: 67
Losses: 8

Side B
Gains: 37
Losses: 443
PoC and ML have gained another 6 cities each since last updated and PoC have lost one to Phenomen.


Phenomen gains the most cities overall, but loses the most overall.
Phenomen have the least gains.


I don't count ghosts or unaligned players and in terms of your other wars it's about the same ratios as far as I can see.


Doesn't count.
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