Dreadfleet presents Thebestroika! Your music, our music.


You heard right. Find freedom and enough resources (music) to enjoy your music. No blockage this time around. This is an international service to the Thebes community!

PLUG.DJ allows you to listen to good music and share it in real time with your deadly enemies or lovely allies! Just make sure you bring a good mood :D And it all will be swaaaaag......

In any case, THIS is the room. We would be very happy if you joined us. VERY.

Hopefully we can see your sexy face around wherever you are from!

This service was sponsored by Dreadfleet. All third party fees of 25% imaginary monies, plus 60% amazing energy and fun is due beforehand. No complains will be accepted, nah just kidding. Be friendly, bla bla bla. More small letters go here. Dreadfleet is sexy and it knows it.
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