Dream Team !

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lane, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. apollo026

    apollo026 Guest

    Do I have to include myself? I suck :p
  2. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Practice makes perfect my friend ! :p

    I suck too, I just don't tell anyone ! :D
  3. cabz bii

    cabz bii Guest

    can we make a nightmare team haha ten players you would hate to have in your alliance
  4. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Go for it, cabz ! :p
  5. BBCue

    BBCue Guest

    while we wait for cabz...

    Nightmare Team (not in my office or zipcode):

    billy - the one and only KoP leader
    mmunite - former leader of Eagle Eye, leader of Descendants of Leonidas..
    MACK101 - founder of HIGH LORDS
    himanshu gupta - founder of Vampire Knights
    Merc98 - founder of Eternal Myrmidon
    Krakoo - diplomat for Eternal Myrmidon III
    Mumm-Ra - founder of Illuminati
    Demokritos - extremely foul/graphic player of EM III
    Sporteus - founder of Descendants of Leonidas and its previous forms
    former leader of Blackguards... can't remember his name. EDIT: nmapletoft. thanks Fartus for reminding me!

    As a group, these would be more annoying than the Housewives of New Jersey. Just by themselves they are a handful.
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  6. cabz bii

    cabz bii Guest

    o.k sorry folks here is my nightmare team

    apollo666 -former founder of eagle eye damn this guy was such a noob

    granvenado -from bad co guy plays for himself and wouldnt be beneficial to others in alliance

    koalaen - player from last one standing you attack him and he offers the citys haha if you leave the rest of his such a noob

    mack 101 -high lords-guy is just not got a clue about grepolis

    general zero. i think his name is was in ultimate doom with him damn this guy wined al day everyday talked a good fight but attacked with archers..

    aberdeen cro - played with this guy on eta aswell as here he has no clue what it meens to be in an alliance is generally all out sim player

    vins i think his name is was in eagle eye then kept running from alliance to alliance when i attacked

    skapone from bad co just simply do not like the guy

    there is another 2 players from eagle eye but i cant remember there names

    will update once i can remeber
  7. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Hmm..My Nightmare Team..There are several that I can think of, but not enough to really have a "team" . :p lol
  8. Massive LOL I'd + rep but can't atm need to share lol
  9. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Housewives of Beverly Hills is better..FYI ! ;) lol
  10. BBCue

    BBCue Guest

  11. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Bahahaha...Lisa is my favorite...Those women are just a handful ! :p
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  12. QCI TCG

    QCI TCG Guest

    my nightmare team would only have 3 players on it.

    spitfire31 - created more work on grepolis for me then my actual work
    billy200 - general pain oh how am happy he has returned
    morgana - still wake up screaming that i may yet get another mass mail from her

    and thats it not a very good team prob why they all died of (except billy stole someones account)
  13. mmunite

    mmunite Guest

    Hey BBCue thanks for posting me in :)

    I was going to say that why wasn't i part of this :p (of course as a joke)

    I really don't think i deserve to be on that list, I think that BB added me mostly since he dislikes me since i made a lot of stupid (yes i did) mistakes when i talked to him :)

    well all i've got to say is, at least i have a life and don't have to spend hours upon hours trying to defend my alliances honor ;)

    Oh dream team!

    most of evo they are sooo dreamy ;) lol jk
  14. XdeathcoreX

    XdeathcoreX Guest

    First, I need to gather info...so, I want all the names of all the women from Iota ;)... and then I will make my dream team :p

    I already have a name for the team, it will be called:

    Michael's Harem
  15. Jennesis

    Jennesis Guest

    Honestly...I"m not sure the women of Iota should be in your alliance. In fact, I kinda feel like the women of Iota need a restraining order against you.
  16. mmunite

    mmunite Guest

    I agree, the women in iota are big leaders and probally would eat you for breakfast.
  17. haha he wouldn't last 5mins in and alliance me Jen and I ;)
  18. XdeathcoreX

    XdeathcoreX Guest

    That means I have 2 names already :p
  19. BaneBR

    BaneBR Guest

    Dream team is not about top 10 or 20 of iota but is mainly for who have a great team work, for who help to organize the alliance and for who participate offen. Size or amount of BP doesn´t matter much cause i can be a big sincity player with all my cities +13k eating only inactives and ghost towns or a guy focus to offencive that only attack inactives and ghost towns or easy targets doing some BP trade among friends sometimes. Stats don´t show everything, for you creat a great team you need to have diferent talents working together in a group of minded players...
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  20. reme84

    reme84 Guest

    from 20legend84 current ceno player
    My dream team
    Raiden10- great guy and fighter
    original gabigabi- love her,great person,underated player
    roky-meen machine with his biremes,must be missed by the pussy cat dolls
    Princess L- Very nice person and seems to be a great leader
    BBCUE-the best tactition/leader there is.lot of respect
    Original CENO-loved by all,and is a winner!!!
    mith11-so glad he is a tdc:)
    pekk- unstopable
    surfero999-again unstopable and very good team player
    manu forti-because this preticular wolf can kill any tiger.