Drunken Goat


The Drunken Goat has arrived in Sigma. This alliance is not to be taken seriously because it is led by a noob, me!

This alliance will be an alliance for drunks, goats, cheeze, whatever, we're all the same. If anyone wishes to join, contact me in game. I will only accept those in Oceans 55 and 45.

Your master has spoken. Now we shall free the world from this terrible wrath that we call "Soberness". Recruitment is open to any that wish to:

- Learn
- Participate in attacks/supporting events
- Get drunk
- Kick some ***

Your leader will be I, I will also be diplomat, the soul protector and the death bringer. Everyone else shall be my evil minions. Those who wish to disobey direct orders, shall be sent to the chopping block.....

We will even have our very own winery! Here we shall talk important things such as diplomacy and attacks. Even when we're drunk, we can still make world altering decisions!

I repeat, we shall not be taken seriously. All those that wish to destroy us, please, do so! We love you all so much, we might just do the same to you. Who knows?