Newspaper DTR Weekly/Monthly News: Out of BP

Joseph Nieves

While I don't necessarily agree with some of the things written you still did a nice job with the newspaper. Also I love how you were so sincere when talking about your alliance, which is DT :D
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While I don't necessarily agree with some of the things written you still did a nice job with the newspaper. Also I love how you made fun of the alliance you are in, which is DT :D
Well, he isn't really making fun of our alliance, as much as he is stating the truth. No harm in that. We really are underperforming, and i feel that i personally am underperforming far more than my entire team. tsk tsk tsk.


There's a difference between "underperforming" and not having the deepest pockets. The true strength of alliances will be shown when BP ends and the first wave of conquests hit the water. Good paper though Rap, with how much everyone hyped us up it's fair to say we're not living up to expectations.

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Ethan A.

While I think you aren't exactly giving DT it's due respect, this is a very nice paper. +rep

EDIT: Oops, can't +rep you again, gotta spread the love :(


Though a nice first issue, I would have loved to see some interviews and grepo-related jokes, always keeps me entertained and wanting for more. Nice Mario Kart analogy!
Also, make sure you add margins to your editions, without them it looks kinda crumbled and not very professional. Then again, sure, this is a game, but this is your product, if I were you, I would try to make it perfect ;)
Finally, nice advertisement on the part below, got me to smile!

garrison thac

I didn't think an average of 400 offensive units a piece at this point in the game was that awesome. I've seen people with plenty more than 400 already. Just a few more hours lets see how this plays out. :)


To the naysayers out there, I should like to mention that every second/resource not spent on building and worrying about points/gold usage is one more second/resource used to build troops. There is a good chance that DT is FAR more prepared for BP-end than anyone anticipates, and this is merely a plot to make people ignore them and focus on other alliances. Just Saying.
Good job! Though I must say, why would Condemned attack Kallistei, it doesn't add up
I think its because you share several important islands with key players on both sides. That does add up unless you guys have a pact. Which I doubt for the amount of smack talk Condemned has received from Kali. Just my thoughts on why that may have been predicted.

If Ateam beats DF then the move would make sense. But either way unless the plan is to rim achillies, well try to, then right now there isn't much of a point. Especially knowing that an Ateam-DF fight is probably brewing.


Hopefully Condemned will impress you (the writer) once BP ends. I think the next day will show exactly who the top contenders are and who is willing to do what, interested to see how the next news will pan out in comparison to this one.
I think Condemned will be good. :)

The way I see it there will be two initial losers, a toss up alliance, and two winners for the first two weeks. Sadly I have a good idea of who the two losers will be but even if I told them they wouldn't believe me and it wouldn't change anything. :p