Newspaper DTR Weekly/Monthly News: Pre-Week


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I'm not sure whether your first colleague is saying that you'll have it easy against Kallistei or not... :D
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Hahahahaha. And i thought u were joking or playing around when u mentioned a newspaper.
Well Kudos brother.

P.S.-Thanks for keeping the confidentiality clause.


garrison thac

We will have good fights. I dont see either of the two alliances mentioned in the paper going anywhere any time soon. Overall a good read and way to get the pot stirred before the world is even open. LoL.
This is nice but I'd have loved to see stuff from guys outside of DT. Maybe a pregame interview with our Kallistei leaders? :D

I also think DF and Condemned will be alright.
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lol Loved it. Great format lol.

I can only think that you said colleague rather than the persons actual name because of some controversial topics he brought up.

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I think New World Order will do alright depending on there start :p