dying with honour



The concept of "dying with honour" has been around for thousands of years, the Samuris belived that they would not pass to the next life unless their death was an honourable one, and the spartans belived the only good death was one on the battlefield, but what im wondering in when was the last time a gamma player done the decent thing and died with honour ??

I have played this world for about 16 months if im not mistaken and in that time have rimmed a few players but out of them only one dies with honour and went down fighting, his name was gokillanoob3, what im wondering is how many other hounerable soldiors where there ??

Just wondering if their are anymore players that have faught to the bitter end, no VM no joining your alliance just a good old fasioned rimming taken with honour :p


I'm taking a rimming with 33.5 vacation days left, but I can't fight back. It was a late night on holiday and I was having fun and I checked my Grepolis on my iPod and forgot to enable VM again. Before I knew it my cities were cleared and I'm now being rimmed.

The temptation is always there to bolt loads of people but I haven't and I won't. What I have done, however, is send a message to a SWAT player who defended his siege with 15 Birs saying 'Njub'.

I would love to carry on fighting, but I'm isolated in an ocean with 107 BB cities, and 13 of mine, 3 of which are under siege and the other 10 are cleared and under regular attacks.

These things happen though, my time has come.


Sad day for me, I'll miss Gamma.

I think to die with honour is to fight back and too give everything. I haven't fought back because I've got nothing to give so I haven't died with honour. But no doubt the worst thing is going into VM when you're getting attacked. No respect for people who do that at all

arul asveen

Well i went down without fighting
if i really had time i would have crushed those petty.....well i m a good boy i wont use vulgar words:p