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The Dyme Weekly News Hub
Hello users and guests, I guess you're wondering what this is :). I will be keeping track of ranks, war counts and also quick, non in depth updates on the world. The Newspaper will run as well as this so keep that in mind. You should expect this to be updated daily

The Top 12 Alliances and their Classing
The Top 12 Alliances classed according to their statistics.
1. 300 Spartans Class: B+
2. Mysterious Class: A-
3. Warpath Class: C
4. Atomic Class: B-
5. Global Legion of Chaos Class: D
6. Illuminati Class: D-
7. Byzantine Empire Class: D
8. Sinergy Class: D-
9. 13th Legion Class: D-
10. Adeptus Class: C-
11. United Allies Class: D
12. True Angels of Grepolis Class: D-

War Colonisation:
Adeptus vs True Angels of Grepolis
Adeptus 3 vs True Angels of Grepolis 0
Started: End of Beginners Protection.
Ended: N/A
Causes: Alliances close to each other, outbursts on the forums, harassment of members.
Key Points: Adeptus taking RAFjock out.
Mysterious vs The Morale Horde
Mysterious 8 vs The Morale Horde 0
Started: 12-06-13
Ended: N/A
Causes: N/A
Key Points: N/A
300 Spartans vs NOVA TERRA/NOVA ERA
300 Spartans 9 vs NOVA TERRA/NOVA ERA 0
Started: 12-12-13
Ended: N/A
Causes: N/A
Key Points: N/A

!Winners and Losers!
This thread will be running off the classes in the Top 12 rankings. There will be 4 groups in this;
A Class: The elite class for alliances with 60 + rank points
C Class: For alliances 45 + rank points
D Class: For alliances 44 - rank points.
For more info on what this section will look like go to
Pool A

Contains alliances 300 Spartans, Mysterious and Atomic.
Cities Gained:
300 Spartans + 19 = 0.38% Increase Per Player
Mysterious + 18 = 0.46% Increase Per Player
Atomic + 16 = 0.32% Increase Per Player
  1. Mysterious 10
  2. 300 Spartans 8
  3. Atomic 6

Cities Lost:
300 Spartans - 1 = 0.% Per Player
Mysterious - 0 = 0.02% Per Player
Atomic - 0 = 0% Per Player
  1. 300 Spartans & Atomic 10
  2. Mysterious 6

Pool C:
Contains alliances Warpath, Global Legion of Chaos and Adeptus
Cities Gained:
Warpath + 12 = 0.24% Increase Per Player
Global Legion of Chaos + 19 = 0.41% Increase Per Player
Adeptus + 14 = 0.4% Increase Per Player
  1. Global Legion Chaos 10
  2. Adeptus 8
  3. Warpath 6
Cities Lost:
Warpath - 0 = 0% Per Player
Global Legion of Chaos - 0 = 0% Per Player
Adeptus - 0 = 0% Per Player
  1. Warpath, Global Legion of Chaos, Adeptus 6

Will add more sections soon​
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Well done. One question: What criteria are you using for your alliance classification? Class A to Class D.

Greygnarl The Destroyer

Good; but the score on Adeptus v. TAG is wrong, even yesterday.
Yesterday, it was 5 - 0, not 3 - 0 :)

today; 6-0.

Just sayin'
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Greygnarl The Destroyer

It was 3-0 when I did it. I am 10000000% sure. I made this thread a couple days ago.
I'll recount on grepostats :)

EDIT: I was wrong, 4 - 0. We count tonym as one since he was still recieving support from TAG and he had just left. On the entire coalition it's 8 - 0. Also we didn't gain 6 cities; when this thread was posted, we had conquered 14... sorry about that :) Still commend you on actually taking the time to make this thread :D
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Greygnarl The Destroyer

Thanks mate :) This thread is great though, can't wait to see it when it's finished.
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Greygnarl The Destroyer

Why is this thread so inactive .-.
Update on Adeptus cities gained; 24.