Pnp E-R-I-K Errrik


Thought you were tired of me begging you? YOU are full spam Leo..

Powerful...powerful friends bud...

some actually in your team......

Your team defended this one...although you know this already..since i have already told you this before lol


you seemed very happy to talk trash to me and i always answered...have done it with mungus..i have never blocked anyone..seems very weak to me to do have a weak mind..that you feel ..i will probably you are scared.
very powerful friends.


Correct me if I am wrong but that is the Belgian womens synchronized swimming team.

Tmax, that one report you posted showed you sinking a CS and thirty LS but only getting 4 BP? I thought you stated you did all of your own defending?

i cannot comfirm if the belgian team 2015 swimming is part of the syndicate.

reason 1 : i dont do olmypics anymore (last one atlanta 1996).
reason 2 : i dont do belgian girls, my wife is hungarian.



Without egos, character, man would of been extinct by now. It can go either way though, granted.
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