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Our Easter Competition will be a little different. Zeus has had a chat with the Easter Bunny (he’s called Thumper) and asked him to spawn cities in all worlds**, To find him go to any world and click ranking/search/Grepo Easter Bunny.

To take part in the competition you need to work out the answer to the daily question. Message Thumper in game with the answer. To be clear this means send a message to the Grepo Easter Bunny. The question will appear here and on the game profile.

For those of you who had to hit VM for Easter - in this situation you can reply to this thread and that will also count as an entry.

Question1 – for Friday is:
Which animal is the Easter Hen exclusive hero Anysia holding (clue - Thumper doesn’t like them)?

Daily over Easter, that is Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday there will be random Gold prizes for participants. You can enter in only one world per day but all entries will stay in the draw for subsequent days. Thumper should appear on Thursday – unless he eats too many eggs and is sleeping it off!

Any questions message me. Winners will be posted here.

Prizes per day:
1000 Gold
500 Gold
200 Gold x 2

150 Gold x 4

**Excluding Oricos on the basis they are close to 300 and we don’t want to cause issues. If you are playing Oricos spawn a city in another world to interact with Thumper.

A Happy Easter to Everyone from all of us.


Grepolis Team
Ok Winners for Friday. There were 150 entries excluding duplicates and we have the list so all the names will also go into the next draw.

The answer is 'a feline friend' so I have accepted every answer. This includes those who said fox or owl which is rather generous I think but our Bunny is nicer than I am! Most of you said either Cat, Bobcat, Maine Coon Cat or Lynx and all of them look valid based on the picture. I have seen the original model for this but I am told I am not allowed to disclose it!

Winners were chosen at random from our list and because its an in game comp not everyone has a forum acc:

@sacred sins – 1000
@Olivoil – 500
@*Bounty Hunter 200
@Pixie1968 200

@DuxDucis 150
@King of Meatballs - 150
@Budda1 - 150
@Diva Clarice -150

Question 2 - Saturday: What benefits does Anysia give if she is assigned to your town at level 1?
Entrants do have to get this right and will be added to the draw. If you answer Q1 and Q2 you get 2 entries.
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Hello Everyone I am just so excited and hopping around everywhere. This is a pic of my dad with our secret stash of eggs. I love Easter....

Screenshot 2022-04-17 at 12.17.54.png

My winners for Saturday are:
@Salix.Mendax - 1000
@sambr09 - 500
@XUNGA - 200
@B I S O N - 200
@nismoboi - 150
@annette61 - 150
@Hero927 - 150
@Parv - 150

As it is now Easter and I love giving things I am also going to give 2 pieces of my lettuce to 2 players that sent me messages that made me hop all over.
@VIRTUALSELF - he loves lettuce too although he is a bit mean. He said he would stonehail me if I didn't share!
@cpt marie marvel - she is always so sweet and nice to me. She was the same to my friend the elf.

My Question for Easter Sunday is easy. What is your favourite type of egg? Mine is actually carrot egg. Carrots are my favourite food but chocolate is nice too.

The prizes for today will be added tomorrow to your accounts.


Grepolis Team
Well sadly our Easter Bunny has now run back to his hole but before he left he gave me his final selection. This was an amazing response. I think 250-300 players joined in although as we added multiple entries for some it did get a bit confusing. I wish we had more to give but our final winners are as follows:

@Plashiff - 1000
@Zoltanicula 500
@anes king 500
@Marto81 200
@Zen Shadow 200
@TrotskyQuin 150
@Killzkuba - 150
@Dareld - 150
@CuffyCat - 150

Thanks for playing. Come back in May for something else - theres a lot of you that need a forum acc!