Easter event ends soon


Some people like to gold
Some spend thousands i have been told
Some admit it and are bold
Others prefer to leave it untold..

Take krypts as an example
From them take a random sample
Some of them in gold are ample
Others are nothing but a rotten apple

Now can someone please tell me why
They keep EQ'ing walls and a CS not try
Who is the person that told them that lie
That troops are not meant to die...

EQs to walls and Lighting bolts
Buildings and walls are put to a jolt
Alas no city is put in conquest or revolt
My oh my when will this nonsense halt...

Easter event is approaching the end
Gold on favor you can no longer spend
Many of you praying the event they extend
I just hope you did not for gold over lend...

P.S: A lot of gold was spent hatching eggs and EQ'ing walls and a lot more will be spent. No Krypts were EQ'd during the writing of this poem

This poem was written based on the request of a lot of players as you keep EQ'ing their walls.

+ rep if you want more ;)
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Flux, you are getting better at this!!! I think we should have a poet's duel, actually make it a Battle Royale of the finest Wordsmiths of Grepolis. I propose that each poet compose an entry of 12 lines or more, and may the voting of our peers determine whose lyrical mastery is superior.


Hoping only these external forums are alive again. :)

Kudos to the encouraging words :)


"You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to fluxon6 again."
sadly I can't +rep you for this, but instead of a +rep I sent you a lightning bolt :)

You have enacted Lightning bolt on Lone soldier (fluxon6)

Lone soldier
Unwritten Symphony
Lightning bolt
Dark clouds appear over the city, a thundering lightning bolt strikes down and leaves only a damaged building behind.

Damaged building: Warehouse
New level: 29

pflug jason

it would be way better if you tried to rap this it might sound cooler just a though ;)