Top 12 eat or be eaten

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write your top 12 for who eats and who will be eaten after bp.

1 Ctrl-Alt-Elite eaten (good stats but have an academy) 59819 39 1534
2 Grim Sleppers eaten (not very good fighter for 55 58798 40 1470
3 StarFighter (my aliance) 57925 40 1448
4 The Fallen eat (good players) 57645 38 1517
to lazy to anyone else

Zero Point

think the disbanding 7 alliances in the first few days of a server was my personal fav and still makes me laugh when i think about it now

J.n.c 1993

Sorry guys, gonna lock this thread... Don't see any point in it as there is already a Top 12 alliance sink or swim which is pretty much the same thing and is far more popular than this thread.
Not open for further replies.