Elysium - something worth trying


"A shield can be your greatest weapon or your most defiant foe"

Are you looking for an alliance which:

- which is striving for excellence
- which values teamwork, respectfor its members and foes
- which promotes maturity while having fun
- who's not going to war on its leaders whims and is making the big decisions together
- who is going to war only when this is the best option at hand?

Then … here we are!

What we offer:

- we work through small teams where each members has its value and influence.
- you will be treated with consideration and your voice will be taken into account.
- you will be supported in case of an attack and you will be helped to recover.

What we expect: to do the same for your alliance colleagues


- you need to have at least the same amount of points as the alliance average or to have at least 50k in another world you've played (provide grepointel link please)
- Be reasonably active (add points at least once every three days)
- If you are under attack please advise before joining. If not, you risk being immediately dismissed
- Be able to use skype (you don't need a mike) - this is not mandatory but is strongly recommended
- Contact Nirod for an invite

If you do not meet these requirements but you still want to join, contact Nirod explaining why should we accept you as a member.


To our allies we offer our support when in dire need, we will keep them updated with pertinent info regarding our alliance, we will offer our expertise in military and expansion strategy. Most of all, we offer our loyalty: we take seriously our pacts. Once we commit, we stay committed! We expect the same from you! If you think you can abide by these, we will be delighted to negotiate a pact.

We will only consider pacts which will be sent with a more or less detailed message to our Chief diplomat, adds dad.
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We have no points requirement for entry but we have for staying. In order to become a full member you need to reach a certain amount of points in a certain time. So, yes, we have requirements but we want to help our alliance member to fulfill them instead of demanding them from the beginning.