Top 12 Empire of Death O54


Some of our new Jobs.

Co-leaders (3) *These leaders will be able to Veto War if all three 100% agree that we shouldn't go. They have the power to kick any member at any time. No reason will be need to be given. They are the Enforcers of E.O.D, there job is to make sure everyone stays active and building troops. And most of all the leaders are here to server the soldiers of E.O.D.

Admiral of the fleet(1)- *Approves all Clan battles,Navy Battles & Wars*

Vice-admiral(1)- *Plans all Navy Battles... Approves Commodores Spy targets*

Commodore(1)- *Searches for new targets... picks (2) E.O.D member per week to spy on an (approved target)*

All Members Of (E.O.D) must have 1200+ player points and 100+ Attacking battle points in order to join us or remain a member. So if you want to join us, make sure you meet requirements & standards before you post or message me in-game. We have new Requirements you must reach each month in order to call yourself a messenger of death. We are (E.O.D)!

*All Co-leader spots are taken*

King Nation

you left?
Yes bro left long time ago:) The players in Marthon is way better then Naxous well worth playing with but I like the speed in Naxous lil better. Really waiting on a Faster conquest world with no moral if i find one of these new worlds i will be there hope to see the top players in marthon there as well:)


Thank you very much ...

I am also in Naxous, Hope you are able to fly through the ranks.