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Glad you guys made it to the ball game. We have been attacking your alliance for about 2 weeks now. I thought for the longest time ER & LD were * as you said wolverinewildman* (crushing) mrymidions members so bad that our report got lost in the chaos of what is called your forum. I am just guessing on the last part.

But it's good to know you can see way down here from your number one rank. (289) members with 17486 attacking battle points...

Little (E.O.D) with (39) members who is ranked 16 in Delos with 14747 attacking battle points


Updated: time:00:15:20 date:11/09/2012

Rewards Program. First member to reach each reward gets to change the name of our alliance. This program is to reward our members who want to be the very best E.O.D Alliance members. Thank you all for your time and effort to this alliance.

Attacking battle points needed
500 BP:[player]ThaOriginal[/player] 10/28/12
1,000 BP: [player]swampfox50[/player] 11/02/12
5,000 BP:
10,000 BP:
20,000 BP:
50,000 BP:
100,000 BP:

Total City's needed
2 City's: [player]UrNext[/player] 11/7/12
4 City's:
8 City's:
16 City's:
32 City's:
48 City's:
100 City's:

Green:(1)Day Alliance name change
Blue:(2) Day Alliance name change
Red:(4) Day Alliance name change
Purple:(1) Month Alliance name change


It gets the results i want, that is all i care about.. Crazy or not, it is a very effective way to keep (E.o.D) members active and motivated to attack.

What does your alliance do for it's members?


classified. but not my alliance we are lead by other good leaders


I'm agreeing with penguin on this one...That's....That's just nuts...


... Nodcrush you call it Nuts. (E.O.D) members love it. We have a lot of very funny names people come up with..Some weird others that are just down-right bad. But as long as you reach the reward first you can pick anything you want.

It's all about being active and having fun.

Side note: Just reached Rank#4 in Attacking battle points.


1) The name is 5% of the respect you're given. I mean if you find an alliance named Legion IV. One you would think that the name is Noobish and not original. Number 2 you would have the question, "Oh so they're the brother alliance of Legion III ;). I have to give it to DW for probably one of the best alliance names in Delos.
2) its you people that give the bad recruits these ideas. Let me give you the summery. When a new player comes to grepolis they are supposed to join a not the greatest alliance. The best alliances want the best. So they go to the not so good ones. Then give it a year and they have enough expierence and if they are really good they join good alliances leaded by Well-known founders who want experienced players. Your alliance is good i give you that but this idea brings those players with that idea when they join these alliances.(Many will disagree with this but I will even bet with you that good NOOBs are led by their first alliance and their first alliances ways are how they act in other alliances)
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It's a name that a fellow (E.o.D) member picked because he reached (2) city's... You All Belong To Us Now Means nothing.

We will always be (E.o.D). In another 2 hours the name will be changed back. What about your base?


Ohhh! That is what he was saying, I get it now.... haha. Yes we will be more than happy to take any city that is around our core off your hands. Like Thaoriginal said there will be several.


I like the name changing idea but obviously it's not for everybody.


I agree, I actually like the idea. It definitely promotes group interaction, forum participation and gives members a tangible goal to shoot for....all wins in my book. Think the idea is creative and a great team building task...hat's off to whoever thought of it and to E.O.D. for implementing it.

They will always be E.O.D, it's just that members get to have "their way with the alliance" for a day...hey, if it results in more members being actively involved and working to get that goal, how can it be bad?:cool: