Newspaper Emporion Chronicles Issue Eight


Emporion Chronicles
By Rock5

In This Issue:
  • Quick Update
  • Interviews
  • Brothers, Sisters, Cousins and More!
  • Tavern
  • Wheel of Fortune

Quick Update
Welcome to the eighth issue of the Emporion Chronicles where news is released every three days. The last couple of days were pretty interesting for me but let’s get straight to the newspaper!

Torc’s New Sister Alliance

World opens, players join, alliances are what next? Academies form, of course! Torc has decided to have sister alliances with Phoenix. Currently their stats are:

RankPointsABP RankDBP Rank
RankPointsABP RankDBP Rank
This alliance is mostly located in Ocean 55 and a bit into 65. They also have cities scattered in surrounding areas.

Advent Calendar Near the End

Since the beginning of December, players in the world got to experience the event called the Advent Calendar. But now the event is almost over. There is only 1 week left before it ends.: This is what it looks like.

Day 24 just ended. Now players could go back to previous ones and respin the wheel for more prizes (There is a small gold fee players have to pay for each spin).
Big Brother is Watching You Conclusion

If you haven’t seen Part I or Part II(Part II is a post in the PnP I made a few days ago), it’s better to read that first so you’ll understand what’s going on.

So the story continues. Rock sees a dot on the horizon. A small dot that seemed to grow bigger and bigger as time went on. He quickly went back into his hotel, told the cleaning lady to grab a telescope and told her to see what was the dot in the horizon. She aimed the telescope at the dot. She adjusted it to zoom in on it and suddenly she gasped. What she saw was the following:
OH boy, a SHIP. Not just any ship, but a colony ship! The lady also saw another dot zooming in towards the hotel at a faster speed and in a blink of an eye, it arrived. The second dot turned out to be a fleet called the White Boats. These tough boats docked in my harbor and waited.

Feeling quite bold myself after gettings some defenses, Rock quickly scrawled a message onto a new scroll and shoved it into a bottle. Rock threw the bottom the commander of the Colony Ship:

The commander of the Colony Ship somehow saw the bottle in the ocean and told one of his men to fish it out of the water. He hauled the bottle out of the water and the commander opened scroll and replied in a regretful manner.


Rock knew that his hotel would have to shut down. He hoped the White Ships would stop them but one hour later, the commander’s troops arrived.
2 of their men tied him with rope and put me in a catapult and 4 oceans away.
And there...he began rebuilding his hotel…
War Stats
WAR STATThe Syndicate vs Barbarians
WAR STATNew Toon Alliance vs The Fallen
WAR STATThe Brotherhood
WAR STANoobs Incorporated vs The Storm Cloaks
WAR STATTeam Harlock vs Elixir

Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, and More!

In this section, I would like to name all the alliances that have academies/brothers/sisters/ etc.

  • New Toon Alliance/New Toon Defenders
  • The Brotherhood/The Brotherhood Academy
  • The Bloody Axe/DARKNESS
  • Torc/Phoenix

Welcome to the 8th Tavern, where beers are served and people spread rumours around. It’s up to you to decide which is true and which is false.

  • The Syndicate has taken quite a lot of cities from the Barbarians
  • The Brotherhood is currently the most active alliance on Emporion
  • Team Harlock is currently winning the battle against “Swagliance”
  • Noobs Incorporated has taken some cities from The Fallen and Harbinger Down
  • Rock’s PnP was completely false and all the battle reports were photoshopped. He was never rimmed in the first place.

Wheel of Fortune
Issue 7 Winner:Diruntan

Reward: A +rep, 300 wood, 1000 stone, 1800 silver
Welcome to the 8th Wheel of Fortune.
Pick a number between 0-50
See you next week.

This is a test issue. I decided to try something new this time. Please comment below if you like/dislike the new format! That would be EXTREMELY helpful if comment on the new format. If you like the newspaper, then you can + rep! See you next time!
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Well apparently me Alliance must be against the freedom of press or speech or whatever. I choose 27.


sry. cant rep. this time...
Where are the interviews???????????
this time was more bla ,bla...
but thank to you, for spending you qualaty time here...


Good read rock glad your going to keep making the papers :) As 7 is taken WoF 13 if i can rep you i shall :)


Congrats to Diruntan for winning Wheel of Fortune! See you in the next issue!


Again highly entertaining and well written! Thanks Rock!

wof- 28