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Some new milestones:

- 20K points: Balrog1968
- 10K ABP: Aresspear8
- 2.5K DBP: Balrog1928

- 250K points: Barbarians (I think)
- 50K ABP: The Syndicate
- 100K ABP: The Syndicate
- 25K DBP: The Syndicate

And: First one to rim an active player by Skype: OldMexicanGuy


sry to be negative here...this threat is opened too early...chause real milestones fighters just coming up later...right now this is mostly kissing goldenboys arses and filling they egos of talking abput them...ptyi.


10K points average: The Syndicate
No one is updating this thread?


10K points average: The Syndicate
No one is updating this thread?

you like to heard about you self...heheh... there are old mouthes/egos, what need to feed first...
but dont worrye, you time/name will be come under discussion more soon, if you continue attacks like this and wallet still looks good...

be cool leo.


Clearly you don`t know balrog, wait until he gets to 2-300 cities :D You all talk about gold but to get to those points you need at least 15 hours per day on grepolis

i guess you tried to say between 1 and 170 cities lol


impressing would be something like....


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Which SimCity this picture is from?

We all know what you and your alliance do for slots, i have played against you i have played against Blarog also for short period of time and let me tell you something:

You bring all those simmers 15 of them in any world(Balrog does not know what speed world means) and i give them 1 week before they are all dead or start having RL issues or their internet was not working or they had to move furniture or have any pathetic excuse.
He does not eat his own inactive like you do, he does not kill their offensive troops for BP and for sure he does not need super, mega MRA like you do to protect him.I had trips in every inactive player in in ocean 65 in Sinope and i know who was the first attacker always, so stop talking BS.You and your lap dogs fought over inactive players BP like crazy.

Now go back to your bed, Blaze is feeling cold without you.