Top 12 EN155 Top 7 - Pre BP


Top 7 Team Predictions Pre-BP (Final Day)

I have loads of free time these days so I'll write one up first, for the sake of my old newspaper and prediction writing days.

Ps. Do comment your thoughts, negative/positive, will take it all.

Alright first, let us have a look at the map? :D

1Gaby's Kitties : SWIM
Premade from previous servers. With a solid grab of area in O44 now. Gamer Girls players from Omfori, a mix of SBG and Storm from Lemnos, a hint of Fiasco, with some Grepolis legends. News is they are accused of dropping builders all around for their main players, I wouldn't know, I just see one of their players crushing a whole top 8 alliance alone. Their Russian teammates from previous servers also dropped in the area. Although they claimed they have no contact with the Russians, it isn't too convincing considering their spawns right in between Gaby's Kitties core. However, it seems this tiny squad has been directed to colonize on Northern O54 and eventually push to center of server, or I'm reading too much war fictions. Some notable players do not like me much so since I do want to keep some of my cities, I won't write more. :oops:
2Elder Gods/Laughing Coffins : FLOAT
Premade from previous servers, however, bit lenient on the recruitment policies as they have already expanded to sister alliance. Having a sister alliance itself might not be a crazy idea, however if you have a close look at the map, the sister is seem to be spread out over all 4 oceans equally, I wouldn't know the recruitment criteria but I guess FFA? Known faces from Poros' runners up squad. Has a decent core around O54/55 border. However is looking to be under pressure from both Titans on O54 and Inglorious Bastards/Silly Rabbits from O55. As soon as BP breaks tomorrow things will be more clear. If they do not manage to find allies soon, getting squeezed out to the rim won't be surprising too. Oh and do look out for daddy *vlosp*. I share an island with some of them so I hope they liked my write-up. :p
3Silly Rabbits : SWIM
A solid roster while not being a premade or MRA. Gives me hope that I'll have to keep writing about them a lot more. Without much of a competition nearby and will have a lot of scattered cities to pick from, this alliance will have a solid growth for now. In near future however, they will look to clash with either hewwo, Insanity or the Elder Gods. This will keep me on suspense and a close keen eye on them. On the roster I do see some crucial players that will stay till the end of server. Some of them may have played against each other before in previous server for/against Gaby's Kitties. Cannot assume much of a diplomacy between these two teams as of yet. But it would be silly if the top two teams in whole server would hug, and very fun to see them collide for cities (has a very slime chance of happening, or the alliance staying). Of course I might be inaccurate in the end, again, more to see after BP ends. :)
4Titans/Team Titans : FLOAT/SWIM
Although this one is my alliance, I'm here to write without a side. Similar to Elder Gods, a primary noticeable fact would be the expansion to a sister alliance already. However one positive point about it is most of the sister alliance players are in between the primary alliance players geographically, most of them being in O54. As a result the case of randomly losing cities without a notice would be pretty less. Yet the barriers for this alliance would always be getting pushed by Elder Gods from south and possibly a push from supposed MossadKidonSpecialForces from North. Sustaining would only be visible a week from BP ending. Wishing the best though :D
5Inglorious Bastards : FLOAT
A squad that nobody probably has noticed much. However this is probably the only alliance after Gaby's Kitties to have a proper core area, which although is surrounded by random alliances at places. Just requires some cleanup and they're good to be a SWIM type alliance! The only reason I've used float as prediction is due to them being well surrounded by Elder Gods. Which yet has to see an outcome. If they can push Elder Gods as hard as Titans do, the answer is pretty obvious. However, considering their location, teaming up with Elders might prove beneficial for all of their players, any might be a top contender for the race in a few weeks. It will all come down to diplomacy since I only recognize a few notable players. Of course I do not know everyone, and thus I will know them if they're worthy as time flows. :rolleyes:
6MossadKidonSpecialForces : SINK
No hate but the organized players inside the alliance have a direction, however not sure if they will stick to this alliance's banner a few weeks after BP ends. The remaining players are pretty scattered all over 4 central oceans and thus there's not much to comment on. If they start organizing team up with a proper management, and maybe go under an alliance as a wing, they would still carry their title and live on. The leader seems to be driving the carriage from the back but we all know leading is a hectic tasks and does affect a player's growth. I look forward to them surviving and possibly giving me the biggest twist this server has to offer. :eek:
7Insanity : FLOAT/SINK
With three founders on display for public to praise, they are definitely the insane ones among this bunch. However, one insane thing that might be the cause to their end/splitting up would be having 2 cores and in a diagonal formation as you can see in map. One core, which looks more compact and tight knitted is around O54 while the other is scattered around hewwo players in O45. It gives them a way to either fight hewwo initially, pick off the weaker ones, and eventually merge up to dominate O45. A few of their players did help form the O54 cluster all the way from O45 so probably they do have a plan. While these new founded cities are shared with Inglorious Bastards, who knows if there's a relation between these two. Will fix it on my next write up if they do, trust me it will show. ;)
Russian players who have played with some players Gaby's Kitties in the world Omfori do not play in this world! they just earn gold! they told you correctly that now (in this world) we have no joint actions and games in this world with Gaby's Kitties


Some of the alliances you have compared are no longer active, while new alliances are in the Top Ten now. So, we need an update.