EN87 (Know its a while away) Together


Hey hey... I will consider, but please don't put as "joined". I don't even know whether I will like your alliance flag color.


you sent me a message asking to join.... I will make a new section Entitled maybe's :/

Drum and Baes

I personally cannot wait until a new world is released, speed 2 is a bit too slow for me, i'm hoping.. more like praying that it is going to be a speed 3. I've noticed that the 'vets' prefer a speed 3 conquest, but im hoping for just a speed 3 in general. Speed 4 is a nightmare for many and you see the amount of people deteriorating week after week due to real life commitments that mean they cannot keep up. Definitely looking forward to it!!


Cool, jamo.

Btw, can someone explain to me the difference between 4th and 5th Generation world? Or maybe give me the link. Thanks a lot.

I don't know myself, but i assume there are no difference. The 4th generation world is the same as the 5th generation world. however there is a different between the 1st Gen and the 5th Gen, in terms of game play (its been Updated) that's all.

Hope this helped :p