en90 premade name undecided

Hagop abroumian

About myself:
I am 19 years old and have been playing the game since 2011. I'm not the leader of this alliance but I'm posting this thread instead of my leader. I like attacking and supporting so you can count on me for both.

About the alliance:
The alliance will be drama and stress free, we currently have a roster of more than 15 members who play in different servers. We want to recruit serious players who won't be joining the world for gold trading only, but to win the crown.

Not much really, we were all noobs at some point so experience won't be judged as heavily as activity and participation. The alliance will only recruit active people who will be able to participate in the alliance activities fully. Having skype isn't mandatory but will be much appreciated.

How to join:
Either post here or send me a private message. We will join via links which will be handed out on the day of the release.

This is a serious alliance that is growing daily, do not miss this chance to join a good team.
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