EN93: Golden Chaos


Golden Chaos

After going through world after world, gold farming the life out of the game, I feel it's time to return to playing the game.

This is the alliance for those of you, like me, who have gold farmed your way to a supply of gold that no amount of short-cutting could empty. This is the alliance for those of you who want to build 10k cities and unstoppable armies in under 12 hours. And this is the alliance for those of you who want to set world records in gold abusing, simply because we can.

About Me

I have played this game for many years now, winning, losing, but most importantly fighting. This is a fresh account created solely for the purpose of letting rip with thousands of gold, so don't be surprised if you don't recognise my name. I know what it's like to smash worlds from start to end, and most importantly I know how to fight in this game. There is one guarantee in this alliance, that whatever happens, win or lose, there will be no shortage of action.

Alliance Basics And Requirements

This alliance will revolve around spending gold. But that does not mean that we will be an alliance of sim city players. The prime spending areas of this alliance will be on wars and fighting and as well as building empires before BP ends, we will also build armies stronger than have ever been seen before in BP. And after we use them we will rebuild them in minutes so there will never be a shortage of fighting.

Every player in this alliance will be expected to reach high into the rankings of not only points but BP. Every player will be expected to participate in the wars we engage in and will be expected to be unleashing annihilation 24 hours a day whether they are conquering cities or not.

Most importantly every player is expected to have a plentiful supply of gold, in case you hadn't gathered that already. As many point out, this game is now completely pay to win, meaning the easiest way to win is to spend absolute mountains of gold. And when you combine this with an alliance full of experienced, war-hungry players, there will be no stopping this very expensive machine.

Finally despite the serious nature of the havoc we will cause, this alliance will be a complete laugh. If we lose, we lose, but that doesn't matter because if you're anything like me, you will have won all there is to win already, and all that's left to be taken from the game is fun.

So if you have mountains of gold and are looking for a fun way to spend it without the pressure and drama of some other alliances, send me a quick message or post below. All applications require evidence of gold and experience, and any notoriously annoying or dilemna-causing players will be instantly rejected, because quite frankly nobody can be bothered playing with the no matter how good they are.

Current Roster:

Icey Fire