EN93 MRA Premade


Hey everyone, will be creating an MRA in en93. Looking for some fellow leaders, etc.

We will be an MRA in EN93, possibly with multiple alliances but most likely not. We will do our best to stay organized because we all know that even MRAs can thrive and win :D

About Me:
I am a pretty experienced grepo player, my first world being en19 Tau. I've played seriously in about 5 worlds since, and taken a handful of breaks but I'm ready to play again. Been a leader in many successful alliances and a member in many more.


Positions Available:

Recruiters (1-5)
Forum Mods (2-3)
Member (unlimited :) )

Both TBD.

We will be joining day one and will have a skype chat, etc. If interested contact me by posting below or by a message. Thanks :)

In need of leadership help!!