EN98 Ride or Die


Ride or Die
(Profile pic is an inside joke and not serious)


The Smilodon Fatalis (Pre-world Only)

Willing to make pacts on the terms that you can't attack us but we can attack you. No exceptions.


We will join the world when BP ends. Camelfrost is looking for players who can handle fighting on multiple fronts, we're willing to take in newer players but they must be willing to work hard and learn fast. Players wanting to join should come with a team focused attitude. We will only accept players who get this concept.

If interested contact The Smilodon Fatalis via forum or on skype @srwrestling2011. Tell me a bit about yourself, how you like to play, etc. Please include grepointel link if you have it.

Players Who Won't Get In/Won't Last
Players who don't alarm

Players who like walls
Players who can't put team goals above personal goals
Players who think we should make pacts or NAPs
Players who refuse to time
Players who have a problem with us cutting their friends if they don't live up to expectations
Players who have cancerous personalities