End Game vs Server Closing


If a server dips below 300 active players before end game conditions are met, will that trigger the countdown to closing of a server?

Follow up question, if the answer is 'No' because end game hasn't started, then the moment a winner is determined (In WW, 4 wonders) would the closing countdown start?

(Asking for a friend)


Hey. I heard servers can close before end game conditions are met, but don't take my word for it.

Myrddin Emyrs

any clarification on this or are you mods and developers just going to hide and not answer the players questions, quite useless at answering our questions and actually doing anything about anything that we raise arent we, makes you wonder what you lot do all day, count the money we spend on this game and laugh all the way to the bank wouldnt surprise me that was the case...


Grepolis Team
A world will not end before the world is won.

Yes if the world is already below 300 when the 4 WW are built and Victor of the World is won the countdown will trigger.