End is Back :)


Endbringer Union is back again, i have problems in Dyme but i see EofS and Zyglon have made a BF of EU ;)
Endbringer Union in Hermonassa is now again active under my leadership
Ocean 55

Welcome to Endbringer Union Alliance

This alliance will help you in anything you ask or are in need of. Please be sure you are active in the forums as often as you possibly can.

This is a family of friends that will be growing here, so I hope we can all get to know each other for long months of time we will be playing with each other against other alliances who may threaten us.

We will rise from the ashes of war to help our allies in their time of absolute need.
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(E.o.D) is moving South through O55 into O56. But atm only half of O55 is even full.


Alliance Cap - 400, myb we Move from Niceau and Billys, and other worlds here
Can have 3 or 5 oceans