Proposal Enhancing the Gold market


The gold market takes 20% of the resources, not gold. If you buy 2500 wood for 50 gold, someone else needs to sell 3000 wood to get back the 50 gold... But net gold never disappears in the market
That isnt true considering once the market isnt used as much as it is early on, it naturally "decays", implying that again you need to sell the same resources for less gold, even though buyers paid the same price they always would have when the market is maxed out (as it always is at some point in worlds). Net, gold disappears, if you did the exact math on the ratios on scaling from buyer vs seller and considered the fact you have a natural sellers decay when the market is capped at 200k or whatever it is, youll quickly realize why they made this change. Nothing more then to make players buy more in the long term for less results then the previous market.