Enigma gives 24 hour notice of war??? PNP



awww, Sieks, you're bragging about taking our inactives :) I know this is old, could you please update the stats?

I don't know who in our alliance called Enigma honorless vultures or however it was put; I believe that the most upstanding members fight fair and take pride in winning that way, and I have nothing but respect for them and they actually make the fight enjoyable. But there are some (I won't mention names) whose actions I can do without...multi-accounting to put a spy in OA? Busted him, second I booted him he quit the game....shouldn't have let tornadoman have that city, kinda tipped me off. Well, besides the fact that the person in question told one of my members he had a second account in OA, and his second name was oddly similar to his first.

As for jlaws...when I took his city (now Black Plague III), he was most definitely on...problem was he didn't know how to snipe a CS :) I took his city with ease....however due to distance let him have it back after six days, loved all the free BP he sent at it for a bit too....I didn't really care for the location, and the neighbors were a bit shady.

To quote Jlaws "Might Warrior uses calculation...I use brute strength." nice...but can someone tell him that you actually have to support a CS? Usually easier to let his CS land and then take them out with a few (3 or 4) slingers.

Oh, ask dgarcia what happens when PE tries to enter O26.... jrawles 2, dgarcia null.
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