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No, OBP = Overall BP. I'm only guessing this due to checking the rankings.

No-one has reached 10k ABP yet, but Kwanchelic has reached 10k Overall BP
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First alliance to 180 Cities :D


Edit: just got to 10k average points too :)
Edit: Didn't notice 750k total points was a milestone too :D thats another for HaP
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Major Disband: Well one just occured on Roman Legionnaires. However The Pirates might have been earlier?


Is this enough proof?

Not sure exactly who disbanded but I can find out for you soon.

Apparently it was JuliusCaesarTheGr8 who disbanded RL.
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50k Alliance DBP: Honour and Power


First player to 50k Points: timothy dewey
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I think most people stop at like, 6 or 7 Farming Villages =/

Alliance overall BP - 250k: Honour and Power


note: bolded names = finalized

Some near-term speculation for certain awards included.

timothy dewey - first to 10 cities on 2/20. According to grepostats, he's at 6 cities and he lost 4 already to HAP. Why only 8 conquers on his behalf? 1 comes from his starting city (which has been conquered by the way), and he settled city "Farewell".

ED ZAPPA doesn't have 25K ABP yet, but he's quite close with about 1400 to go, and leading second by a giant 5000 margin. In the same vein, he's around 800 away from the 30K OBP award but timothy dewey may overtake this via the HAP conquers.

bristo - first to 10K DBP on 2/17 (timothy dewey has more, but he achieved this on 2/23 according to grepostats)

Honour and Power - first to 20K Average Points Per Player on 2/25 (or so) and much, much, further than any other alliance. They also get 250K Alliance ABP on 2/22, and they're pretty close to 100K Alliance DBP.

Top their ocean's player ranks (Unsure resolution)
Well, let's see:
O33: Crusaders take the rankings, although they're all at 3 cities (OCEAN 33: CONSPIRACY?)
O34: Fragmentation alert!
O35: The Euphorian Republic dominates, except for scauvic who sabotages their top5 (also, #5 only has 5 cities)
O44: Lords of Loyalty dominates, top non LoL member is AlphaAndOmega at #7
O45: Mostly Honour and Power, but ross of Eternal Soldiers takes #2 to fail the attempt
O46: middy of Bloodlust Knights takes #1 but everything else is Archangels land.
O53: Dire Wolves take the top 21 ranks (thor609 = #22), although the top 5 doesn't all have 5 cities.
O54: This is just a really fragmented ranking that I refuse to comment on (DW, LoL, HAP, Necro galore!)
O55: Honour and Power dominates, top non HAP member is Kybus at #7
O56: Bloodlust Knights dominates, top non BK member is Jouchka at #31 (wow)
O57: Open Source Government partially kills their attempts due to #3 being of the OSG Academy 2. (Two academies!?). Although, they wouldn't be in for the running anyways since #4 has only 4 cities in the ocean. You have to go all the way to #30 to get a non-OSG (or its subsidaries) member, kevin77th.
O64: Dire Wolves but nobody has 5 cities yet.
O65: Excelsior's attempt fails to Giant M (#1) of the Centauri Dragons!
O66: Similarly fragmented (see O54).
O67: Scorpion Elite Forces? Nope, #4 isn't.
O75: slobo's doing pretty well, although they're nowhere near the 5 city threshold.
O76: Vengeance Elite dominates the ranking, but aren't at the 5 city threshold.

So the three candidate alliances are Lords of Loyalty for O44, Honour and Power for O55, and Bloodlust Knights for O56. Your call. Maybe give all three alliances an award or something.

Also, given O45 performance HAP can probably expect the two core oceans award sometime soon.
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ED ZAPPA grabs 25k ABP.

Now, for 30k OBP, it's between ED ZAPPA and jasonkhoo89. grepostats on 2/28 shows that ED ZAPPA slights the 30k OBP award, while jasonkhoo89 apparently makes a pretty giant leap soon after.