Ephesus Post Coming soon!!!


After redesigning the ephesus times, sedai contacted me to start up a newspaper called the Ephesus Post since i got good feed back on the other one i decided why not.

it will be similar to ephesus times but with some more added features and will only be released every second week or so. since im a college student i cant dedicate all my time on it due to college work, but will try my best to get it released on time.

it has not yet been confirmed what date the first issue will be released on but i will make sure to update everyone closer to the date.

below is a preview of what will be included in the paper and have a few more ideas to add in which i hope everyone will like.



Well, considering that picture looks like it's from the 60's, then this guy wouldn't. ;)


when exactly will be the second issue? yes, i DO mean the 2nd issue, not the first


I was planning on starting a newspaper myself but seeing yet another one has come out, I'm not going to.