Newspaper Ephesus Times Issue 2 Re-issued (graphic update))


When designing the newspaper I decided to do it in image format, this was for a graphic purpose to make it look good because people were complaining about it been boring and plain, which i have to agree on it was. so since i have alot of time on my hands i decided i'd have a go and redesign the newspaper graphically using dev13's content.

UPDATE: all images are in 1 link now,
zoom in and scroll between pages

i did not create the content so dont blame me if you dont like it,
hope you guys will enjoy reading the newspapers more,
p.s this is my first time trying 1 so dont hate me :D
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Also nightdeath is nightdeath, not deathangel in the player stats.


Use the
bb code for each of those links

edit: nvm, those images are HUGE....but look great!


Maybe if you could get them all in one link or something? It might make it even more attractive ;)


Dammit I really wanna +rep that D= Why are you being so awesome so often? Grepolis can't keep up, so stop it XD