Top 12 Epidamnos Edition


Welcome to Top 12, "Stink or Swim".. Almost
Reverse Top 12 Order(By Points)
2 Statements, 1 Prediction
*Morale 2.0 didn't protect me from being rimmed... where do I submit my ticket!?


Located in the South-East of Ocean 45
They seemingly can't take from an active enemy alliance. Consider this alliance FOOD

Located in the North-East of Ocean 44
Recently took some cities from an active alliance, and have an uptick in their battlepoints

Scattered around Ocean 55
Already have members running into Ocean 56

Located in central Ocean 44
Lots of BP gain, but no recent conquests. I see the Top 3 or 5 players leaving for a bigger and more active alliance
Swim to Safety

Center of Ocean 55
Have some fun usernames in their alliance!

South-West of Ocean 45
They flopped in en101, not hopeful, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
I tossed them a flotation device

Ocean 45
I smell that smelly smell smell of an academy alliance. But at least they like to fight!

Southern 54
I see numerous (Zeros) in your BP Chart.. Try some more liquid courage??
Drank too much ocean water. Need to try something with a different hue

Northern Section of Ocean 54
I want to see Princess Kuini succeed after I played against her on en99
Guess that makes me biased? Can't judge this one

Ocean 45
Your doing well, but need to bite off more of the pie. Don't be afraid to whip out that palatal expander.
Kick your feet, and flail your arms

Ocean 44
Well it doesn't take the Pope to see that you made a deal with the "Twisted Souls".
I'm not dissapointed that you are in-league with Twisted Souls strategically, but.. the Priory made a deal with Twisted Souls....

Ocean 55, and 54, maybe both?
They always say the Devil is in the details
Fear is only as deep as the mind allows
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My First Top 10, Hope Y'all Enjoy!

1 - Twisted Souls - No Comment

2 - The Priory - A Good Bunch O players with some very big names in there ranks! No Problems So Far In This world Even though there situated Along side The Shadies! Both Alliances seem to be trading blows. Although The Favour Is In Priorys Side with a 15-10 Scoreline I Have No doubts the Shadies will Go Down With A Fight! ( SWIM )

3 - Shadies - First of all this team has Amazing Leadership! Although The Team has been fighting on Numerous fronts They are Keeping up ( No doubt that the wouldn't ) Under The Most amazing Princess Leadership I Feel like this team is here to stay and will stay! This team has great awareness and good teamwork on all fronts! especially when you come under siege from them late at night :D ( SWIM )

4 - True Fear - I Feel like this team had good potential at the start after hearing they are under "GOOD" Leadership! but when put pressure on the team dosent seem to function well :( although they have some Good Players I Feel like if leadership dosent take A Stand soon this team wont make it another few weeks :) ( FLOAT )

5 - P&P - Havent Seen Much of these guys But they dont seem Too bad! After seeing my Good Friend Mika Among them I Was intrigued. They are Based In 44 Also Among The Priory! I Would've Imagined A Big war here But No? P&P Have Only Lost 2 Cities To Priory! these are an interesting team! ( FLOAT ) But If the Priory Change There Attention It Could Be A ( SINK ) Who Knows xD :p

6 - Kraken - Some Nice Players In This Monster :) Seems To be running Very Well! As they are growing in 55 Quite Nicely! Clearing Up Vanguard It Seems And well making Mince of them ( FLOAT )

7 - Twisted Minds - Weirdos And Exiles Copyright Please <3

8 - Legion - There Of the beating track But growing nice in 35 No doubt these Fellas wonnt Stay there! they will cut into an ocean Since they Have No Competition in 35 :) ( SWIM )

9 - Winged Hussars - If you Read there Bio They are coming!!! And they have done Catching up nicely And Producing Some Very Nice attacks :) According to sources these Hussars Have Been Hitting The Poor Lil Vanny Guard! Certainly A ( SWIM ) For Now ;)

10 - Kraken. - Not sure But Can We Get Clarification If These Need Also to be Copyrighted ?? xD ( Check 6 )

Hope You Enjoyed Leave feedback !
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No 10 Kraken. Is the old Dogs of war mate and now our academy alliance :)


Thought i would give a top 12 a go please send loads of hate is makes me happy
Im going to make this as professional as i can (so probably not that well LOL)

1-Twisted Souls
My alliance so No Comment
2 -The Priory
The priory are growing well with good control of ocean 44 with plunder not far behind maybe a war in the future will be fun to see how that works out. A good amount of abp would be nice to see them get Oped to see how they handle (and so they can gain some dbp) and all their wars are positive which is always good news have a strong group of players and good Leadership could be here for a while depending if they have a war against plunder (and if they do how it goes). SWIM
3 -The Shady Bunch
The Shady bunch have very good control of 54 looking like they want to go the whole way with the server and they have the power to do it. Have a good leadership and a active bunch of players they are also doing well against TP and TS (negative in both but not by much) . Loads of old names here interested on how th ts and tp vs TSB war goes. SWIM
4 -True Fear
Some old names here and experience but not doing very well losing alot of city`s and heavily negative in their wars vs Tp and TS but they have the experience to bounce back.have no friendlies ( Just what they said)If this alliance can bounce back from there current situation they are looking good in 45. But as it stands i have to say i think they will sink lets just hope they can bounce back. SINK
5 -Plunder and Pillage
Don`t know this alliance that well just seem to be munching off inactive`s and or small alliances not too many familiar names losing 0-5 to shady not too bad.This alliance seems like simmers maybe they can prove me wrong but i think there biggest challenge is yet to come vs TP for Ocean 44 (if this war goes on). if that war goes on i don`t think it will be looking too good for them so for now. FLOAT if a war with tp begins. SINK
6 -Kraken
Kraken have been growing well in 55 taking out some alliance along the way looking maybe the first big challenge will come from the rim in the alliance =WINGED= .Look forward in seeing how kraken deal with the pressure from the rim but for now. SWIM
7- Legion
Legion is currently the biggest rim alliance with firm control in 35 seem to be picking up cities from smaller alliances and dying alliance excited to see what the future holds for this alliance maybe they will push into 45 (will be interesting to see if they can give plunder and tp a run for there money) . would be nice to see them get into a big war and see how they do. FLOAT
8- Twisted Minds
Same as NO.1

9 - = WINGED =
A lot of big names here looking to cause trouble i can see them pushing into 55 will be interesting to see how kraken handle these big hitters. A lot of Potential here and have complete control of ocean 56 already have a sister big things to come i think. SWIM
10- Kraken.
Same as NO.7

11 -- Angry Apples -
Seems to be the surviving players from bennnu cult who relocated to 46 not put under too much pressure in 46 and have good control over it. Will be interesting too see what there game plan is and see if they crumble when put to the test (like last time).Maybe they have changed we will see when there first big war begins but for now. FLOAT
12 -Hogwarts
Hogwarts need harry to give them a miracle or cast them a spell for them to have a chance - SINK

Hope you all enjoyed the read i tried to not be biased:).


Hi fellow grepo players. I'm VS. This is my first post on the externals and actually my first .EN server so i don't know a lot players yet, but i have tried to make a top 12 because of peacetime boredom. Keep in mind i'm from TF and even if i try, nothing can be unbiased.

1. The Shady Bunch
In general it seems like they are organised. They don't lose much cities, and they showed who they are when they joined P&P in the OPs against The Priory. They have also been fighting Twisted Souls and Kraken, but im not 100% sure that was a full-blown war. Either way the stats show that Shadies did fine against TS and Kraken, 20-18 to shadies against Twisted and 17-3 against Kraken. Even though Shadies got help from P&P and vice versa, it is a good accomplishment to have such fine stats while defending/attacking 2 fronts at a time.

Core: They have the best core in the server right now in my opinion. They are located in 1 ocean, while they relatively freely can expand further up north and northeast.

Players: I have heard great things about their squad, and when i look at their playstyle, organisation and stats, no one should doubt their skills.

Personal thoughts: I like them because they like to fight. If i see 1 flaw in their playstyle, it would be bringing in the fleeing members of TS. Such players jumped from True Fear -> Twisted Souls - > The Shady Bunch, couldnt they jump again if there is a bad period in Shady bunch?

2. Kraken
Wars: Even though they are relatively close to my area, i have not seen them done anything full-blown warmode. I see they have taken 3 cities from Shadies, but i do not know the circumstances these were taken in. The only real war they have is against Hogwarts, and yeah. No offense here, but some Hogwarts cities can be soloed.

Core: Quite spread out, as they don't own their own territory. Could be interesting to see how they will solve that.

Players: The only one i know from there is Falcon Freak who called me a noob after i took one of his cities in EN103. Maybe he is nice? I dont know. I have seen some of his attacks though, he looks like their Messi.

Personal thoughts: They lived under Twisted's shadow since they got founded. Now they need to prove themselves.

3. Twisted Souls
Wars: When the NAP between Twisted and True Fear ended, Twisted Souls surprised everyone from my alliance. We got beat up quite hard in the first days of wartime. Although as time progressed, their OPs against True Fear went from 15 cities pr. Ops to 10, to 5, to 0... With the new alliance Skull SkeletonS and the big Shadies hitting them + Lord Prometey, Jinsl, Ard1tk1 leaving the game, it was not easy for Twisted Souls even though they had around 200 players (if you counted Kraken as TS). They were great in the beginning, now im not so sure, which is understandable if you look at all the negative things that happened to them. The next week will decide Twisted's fate.

Core: The same as Kraken, they do not really own their own territory. Not only are the rumours that Kraken is backstabbing TS soon for Skulls, but TS are also losing ground around O45/O55 border. and O55/O54 border, while Skull Skeletons are a constant pressure from below.

Players: Lord Prometey was nice to chat with, and Jinsl... was just a beast. Dogarmy a beast too.

Personal thoughts: You need to defend all the cities you own. 240+ players was simply too much to defend. IDK if Kraken are close enough to TS to make it Kraken= TS, but if not then +150 players. All that glitters is not gold.

4. Skull SkeletonS
Wars: Personally it is too early to say. They seem to do fine. Losing and taking some cities.

Core: They are spread out in 4 oceans. They need to find a solution to this, or else the enemy will use this disadvantage against them when the big wars come knocking.

Players: I only recognise the name Erik from when i once played 1 month on EN50 or so. From what i have heard and what i can see, he is clearly a really really good player.

Personal thoughts: Good work on making an alliance a little late in the server and then bring it all up to 4th rank while defending and attacking decently.

5. The Priory
Wars: They hit us in True Fear hard with Twisted Souls early on, but it has slowed down a bit. They are still 22-0 against True Fear, but those numbers haven't moved for a month i think. They seem to be 100% focused on defending the attacks from P&P and Shadies. Did P&P betray The Priory? If i remember correct, it looked like P&P and Priory were friends. Idk. Either way Priory are good attackers, but they seem to slow down the past weeks. Which is understandable considering they are getting hit hard right now. To me this looks like True Fear part 2. Get beaten up, then it will slow down a bit again. At least the members of The Priory is hoping for that i guess.

Core: They had a good core, but now they are getting losing cities to both Shadies and P&P fast. So that can't last long unless they start hitting back/recover.

Players: I don't know any of them, but i remember their attacks when Priory and TS hit us in the start of the server. Underworldqueen and Slivas seem to like big nukes and fliers. But do they like Birs and DLU?

Personal thoughts: I like some of their players' names. I haven't really had the biggest encounter with them, so im not sure of what i else should say about them.


6. True Fear (im so biased...)
Wars: We got beat up pretty hard in the start, but we recovered. I think we have shown that we can take a beating and recover without our alliance imploding, which seem to be the situation for the opponents (Twisted Souls). There is no denying that Skull SkeletonS and Shadies' attacks on Twisted Souls helped True Fear with recovering, but i still think we showed some good organisation, leadership and friendship. The war against Priory is almost non-existent, so not much to say there. True Fear did eliminate Bennu cult which formed in to Angry Apples, and we made them flee yet again.

Core: A fine core, where they can expand towards south without the biggest challenges. Their core do have 1 flaw which is a couple of players from either TS or Shadies who fled multiple times from alliance to alliance. Some reports says one of them fled because he had defended 100 catapults the last hour without getting support...

Players: We have a great morale and great friendships. Everyone helps out, and we all have a function in the alliance.

Personal thoughts: One of the best organised alliances i have been in. Our tragic flaw is to have no friends - we have too much ambition. But that is fun.

7. Plunder and Pillage
Wars: They did get hammered by The Priory in the start of the war between them, but now it is 42-45 to The Priory. Keep in mind P&P got help from Shadies, but that is still an accomplishment to make such a comeback. At the same time they are 50-10 against Immortals, but i don't know how good Immortals are, but a win is a win. P&P needs to continue pressuring The Priory before conclusions can be made. They lost the 1. battle, won the 2., who will win the war? No one knows.

Core: They have a decent core, they are not losing ground to The Priory anymore, and they are winning over Immortals up north. If this turns around though, Plunder and Pillage will be the meat in the sandwich and could get eaten by Immortals and The Priory.

Players: Spoke with Theservant on Discord, seem nice. Tonight Zygmunt kicked Theservant and made himself the founder, but Theservant is now back in. I don't know if this was an April fools, or a real attempt on revolutionising P&P.

Personal thoughts: It can go both ways for P&P. Either they will become the new owner of O44 or Priory will turn it all around and eat them alive.

8. - Angry Appels -
Wars: They lost twice to True Fear who was under pressure from Twisted Souls and The Priory at the same time. Now they have relocated, and they seem to do good. I don't know how the future looks for Angry Apples in this server, their problem is to stay relevant so far away from everyone else. They need BP. With that being said, they are 25-1 against Hogwarts, which is a big alliance. Good work!

Core: They have a fine core without any big enemies just around them. Soon they will probably meet with Skull Skeletons and the Legion (winds of change), and that will put them on a real test. Personally im sure they will lose.

Players: Don't know any of them, but they seem to have some good players, but also a lot of food.

Personal thoughts: Good job with relocating, but are you gonna do that every time you lose a war?

9. Skull n' Bones - See Skull SkeletonS

10. Winds of Change
Wars: Newly founded alliance from Legion. Legion was yet to have a real war, but worthy mentions was 7-0 against P&P (raid and ravage though.) Not much war to mention elsewhere from these guys. They do like a good fight though, with them hitting Twisted Souls at the same time as True Fear did.

Core: Just like Angry Apples, they are a bit out of the scene. But soon they will meet True Fear and P&P if they keep expanding towards north and east. And with the revolutionised Legion, who knows what Winds of Change is interested in doing?

Players: Some of them have good stats, especially 0nion.

Personal thoughts: They are only 27 players, but that is also an advantage. In my opinion we are some time from seeing what they really can, because they are relatively long distance from other alliances right now. Also revolutions doesnt always make things better, and we will see what will come out of the Legion, Noctourne and Winds of Change drama soon.

11. Kraken. - See Kraken

12. Immortals - Not much to say, sadly.

Thanks for reading my ofc biased top 12, it was fun to make :)

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