Top 12 Epidamnos Edition

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    Great post , but how did you get my homemade dance video,lol
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    Welcome to Top 12, "Stink or Swim".. Almost
    Reverse Top 12 Order(By Points)
    2 Statements, 1 Prediction
    *Morale 2.0 didn't protect me from being rimmed... where do I submit my ticket!?


    Located in the South-East of Ocean 45
    They seemingly can't take from an active enemy alliance. Consider this alliance FOOD

    Located in the North-East of Ocean 44
    Recently took some cities from an active alliance, and have an uptick in their battlepoints

    Scattered around Ocean 55
    Already have members running into Ocean 56

    Located in central Ocean 44
    Lots of BP gain, but no recent conquests. I see the Top 3 or 5 players leaving for a bigger and more active alliance
    Swim to Safety

    Center of Ocean 55
    Have some fun usernames in their alliance!

    South-West of Ocean 45
    They flopped in en101, not hopeful, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
    I tossed them a flotation device

    Ocean 45
    I smell that smelly smell smell of an academy alliance. But at least they like to fight!

    Southern 54
    I see numerous (Zeros) in your BP Chart.. Try some more liquid courage??
    Drank too much ocean water. Need to try something with a different hue

    Northern Section of Ocean 54
    I want to see Princess Kuini succeed after I played against her on en99
    Guess that makes me biased? Can't judge this one

    Ocean 45
    Your doing well, but need to bite off more of the pie. Don't be afraid to whip out that palatal expander.
    Kick your feet, and flail your arms

    Ocean 44
    Well it doesn't take the Pope to see that you made a deal with the "Twisted Souls".
    I'm not dissapointed that you are in-league with Twisted Souls strategically, but.. the Priory made a deal with Twisted Souls....

    Ocean 55, and 54, maybe both?
    They always say the Devil is in the details
    Fear is only as deep as the mind allows
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    always love your top 12s love +Rep if i could
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    hmmm interesting very interesting :)
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    Intresting user name's :) yes we do lol
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