Passed Erinys Revamp

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Digital Mystikz

I didn't see a thread about this so i'm making one...(D)
I'll make this as simple as possible and you know it will make sense

Give Erinys the ability to fly

First of all, they would look badass with wings.

Swordsmen have decreased in importance in using them in sieges. The most recent sieges in Rhammus for example, the defense consisted of 5,000 swords, 30,000 archers and 45,000 hoplites.
This is normal because Harpies & Griffins are both weak against sharp.
Since we have a hero to make cheaper and faster swords, i propose a myth unit where swords would actually be needed as much as archers and hops.

I think this would make the game a bit more exciting, plus you get to use your hades favor for once.

I would keep their tt making them quite slow, but still powerful. Hence perfect for front line cities.

Visual Aids:

After my idea:

Balance/Abuse Prevention:
None needed.(SW)


I agree with making them a flying unit(having tried to put them on transports, its just silly how many transports you end up needing. How does a unit go on two separate boats at once?) The potential unbalance i might see would be with Hades as a very powerful God for myth units, but there's no easy fix there.

Great idea, surprised it hasn't been mentioned before.


I like this idea :) That would be perefect if they could fly! I would like to use them, cause personaly like these units ^^ but atm they are so fat .. >.>


ive never understood why erins are 55 pop anyway. they are only maidens, i realy dont buy the idea that they are twice the size of minotaurs.

(but then i dont really buy that Minos are the same size as a dog).

I would happily see Erins dropped down to 30 pop and their stats halved tbh

of course, it would still take two boats. A maiden the size of two boats?

a pebble

I really have no preference on the matter. Do know that since the units were recently revamped this is incredibly unlikely to occur.


Good idea digi, but I hate it at the same time, i'll tell you why...we have to many flyers as it is navy has become useless in terms of breaking a siege, ive seen sieges with 1500 birs and 60k troops inside cause of all free golded flyer tokens.
If the powers that be looked at fixing the entire units again then yeah this is a bloody brilliant idea.


Folks i need help ;) I have made incantation erinys reinf so i want to know can i use them without changing god,i worship hera and i know that you must have hades to build them.If i use this reinf will i get it and fight with them? Thx for future help.


I agree.

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