Eternal Soldiers and 3ternal 5oldiers recruiting


Eternal Soldiers
Eternal Soldiers is in this for the long run and is looking for players that want to be in it until the end. Our requirements are simple-INDENT]
Have atleast the alliance average
Be in ocean 45
And message me ingame with answers to these questions

1. How many cities do you own, and in which ocean(s) are they located in?
2. How much previous experience do you have in Grepolis?
3. Are you or have you been in any other alliances on Ephesus? What was the name?
4. Are you or have you been attacked by any alliance member? What was their name? Are you currently being attacked by any other alliance?
5. What is your purpose for wanting to join Eternal Soldiers?
6. Do you plan to log in daily, and are you prepared to support other alliance members when needed or asked to?
7. How old are you?
8. What country are you from?
9. Is there any additional information you would to share with us that may prove helpful in the recruitment process?

3ternal 5oldiers
3ternal 5oldiers are the brother alliance of Eternal Soldiers, the only difference being they are based in Ocean 35. Message Sauvic ingame with answers to the above questions​