Competition Eubea ~ PotM


The Comp
Hi there folks,
As you will most likely have inferred, this competition will be held on a monthly basis to celebrate the great contribution you, our community, provide.

  1. Users will nominate up to three people and provide posts from the appropriate month as evidence/reasoning. These posts must come from this world section.
    Nominations that do not include posts as evidence will not be counted.
  2. A player needs 3 nominations to be submitted in to the poll.
  3. Nominations will be submitted in this thread and will last a total of 7 days.
  4. Once the 7 days are up, the users with 3 or more nominations will be entered in to public poll. Voting will last for 5 days.
  5. Users are unable to win consecutive months. A 1 month exclusion will apply to winners, for example: Person A wins POTM for May and is exempt from the POTM June competition. If a person wins multiple months, the most recent title will show.
  6. Campaigning of any kind is forbidden.
  7. Please do not nominate a moderator.

The reward:
The winner of the poll will receive:
300 Reputation Points
The Snazzy December PotM Title:

Competition Schedule:

Nominations Open: 13/01/2014
Voting Begins: 20/01/2014
Result Announcement: 25/01/2014


Due to a lack of nominations, we've decided to change the rules a little and let anyone nominated eligible for the vote.
hassan al-sabbah are all eligible to win.

For those that didn't decide to nominate, let us know why by posting below or if you prefer to remain anonymous private messaging me. I won't judge you for your reasons, we're just interested in making sure competitions are beneficial to all.


Nothing much went down in december, the server opened only mid-way of the month, with another half of that being BP. No hostilites were yet built up and all in all it was a peaceful month, ergo not many interesting posts here either.


I agree w. ch0pper .. only 1/2 month, a week of beginners protection, 2 holiday ceasefires, not that much going on .. a few worthy posts but not as many as a full month should provide