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the goals were set like a pile of garbage. 1/5 reached. what a joke. also congrats on the explanation and reasoning above. i hope you don't work like that in the private economy IRL.
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The other 1 German world which had its goals changed was due to the fact that those goals were completely wrong from what the devs intended. Our worlds and the worlds on other servers where the goals are hard to reach are the intended goals and so were not changed. I do not know what metrics are used to establish the goals such as player count/activity or world speed or stage of the world though those all probably play in to some degree.
DE100 Selymbria and EN113 Onchesmos were created with 1 day difference and have the same player numbers, but the German world had its community goals lowered by 70%.
DE100 reached 2.82M / 2.02M honor points (140%), therefore 5165 players got all 5 community rewards.
EN113 reached 2.47M / 6.87M honor points (36%), therefore 5287 players got only 1 community reward.

Please try to explain why apparently thousands of players cannot get the same rewards and aren't offered compensation, despite the community of EN113 and DE100 are in same world stage and have same player numbers?

We were clicking buttons here in hope for good luck, everyone got same shots each day and same extra shots for gold... don't try to tell that world speed is what matters. No one cares how you calculate nor make decisions, only why we are punished by them / others get special treatment.

These screenshots are from few minutes ago.





Kal Gordon

To be blunt, this does seem a little ridiculous. As @molinillo has shown, the age and number of players for those two worlds are almost identical, yet DE has had their goals "fixed" to ensure that players can reach the offered community awards, yet EN has been left as it is, to only reach one community goal despite similar levels of player participation in the event.

@Baudin Toolan I don't suppose we're allowed to know who made this decision? Because it seems (to me, at least) that this is a continuation of the market inequalities (specifically, favouritism towards the DE market from the developers) that senior InnoGames staff (including Bernard from the developers) have already been made aware of and agreed that they could do more to rectify this in the future.

A DE council representative once joked that perhaps all players should just move to the DE community, so that they get treated fairly by the developers. If the market receiving this preferential treatment understands that something is wrong, then that should make the severity of the issue clear to those making these decisions.


Just a short while ago the devs ran a fix to give out all the rewards from the event on all worlds. I want to thank everyone here for their clear feedback as feedback is always helpful for us to show the devs where an issue may be. In this case feedback from the various servers led to this fix.
Very grateful for the buffs but the only reason they waited this long is so we would spend more gold.

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
The reason the fix only happened today was the developers needed time to figure out the best way to go about doing the fix. Just giving out all the buffs was the easiest option and even that took time and testing to do so it couldn't be rolled out immediately after it was decided.