Eviction Notice and Occupy go to Court!


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I know many of you have missed my forum presence, but I have been quite busy with RL lately. However, I am back due to popular demand with my next PNP. *Crowd applauds. Before I start the PNP I want to take a moment to warn our more sensitive viewers that you may not like the contents of this PNP as it deals with adult subjects such as Parody and Comedy. So I strongly recommend that you put your ear-muffs on and leave this thread immediately. For everyone else, I hope you enjoy...

Eviction Notice and Occupy go to Court!

In the past few weeks Eviction Notice and Occupy have been dishing some serious damage to many of the other alliances such as Valkyrie and the Bellerophone guard. It was so severe the few surviving players have brought our two alliances to court in an attempt to gain some sympathy for the abuse their cities received at the hands of our armies.

The plaintiff's lawyer (Chris Hansen) asks for the victim to recall the incident

The Plaintiff begins to recall the ordeal:

Plaintiff: A) First, Occupy distracted me. I had my defenses up and was standing proud. But it was a ploy, before I knew what was going on those sneaky devils from Eviction Notice had came up my blind spot. It was a veritable onslaught. I still managed to hold on my own, but then Eviction Notice managed to execute a 180degree flanking reach around which go my front off guard. It was only a matter of time at that point before I was finished. I was being pounded vigorously from all sides. I thought I could take it at first, but after they managed to reach around the last of my defenses, I was finished. There was nothing I could do.

After hearing all of EN's and Occupy's victims testimonies, the judge spent considerable time deliberating his verdict. When the judge returned he hammered his gavel down and proclaimed.

That's right. The judge is awestruck by Eviction Notice's and Occupy's skill and abilities that he orders for our alliances to bring forth Dance Party's to all the cities of O55. In addition, he has ordered the mass production of The Gentle Landlord which is to be sent out to all of EN's and Occupy's foes in order to help ease them out of their cities. Everyone loves Dance parties just check out this Dance Party that is currently under way.

Everyone loves a good Dance Party. Just look for the EN and Occupy Dance Party that will be coming your way soon.
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Seems my order of The Gentle Landlord hasnt arrived yet so I feel my upcoming Evictee's will be a little sore for a few days still :p

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Top job mate gonna have to order some of the The Gentle Landlord to handout LOL. Love it! +rep


Need to order import products of Gentle Landlords. Foe is messaging me, demand is increasing day by day. Amazing job man. +rep


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