Retaining and maintaining players is always a leaders nightmare.. in any version.. under other names we've been in the early versions as well. I have found the best alliances aren't to much about the players, (although of course you have to have the best) they are about rock leaders like Sgt Slaughter for one that I know.. they are stayers that just out-war enemy with no compromise and no surrender (and we all know it's impossible to rim a player who really won't give up).. those are the best alliances, and that's not about versions or speed.. it's about stability.. so you are correct impossible to measure or prove and indeed arrogant to claim.. but fun to provoke in discussion nevertheless.. upward and onwards to the next world

devious greedy dee

en is the best imho (we all really know it including you cheater :p)
its the only alliance that I know of that gets mentioned on every single world public forum. (also a true fact)
im not a grepo legend or have even been in the game that long but ive been here long enough to get to know people that have that were not even in EN saying the same thing as I have just written.
they have the best players playing the game, the best leadership playing the game, and the most crucial part the best team contribution and co-ordination in ops playing the game
simple conclusion is the best alliance playing the game
I have never seen a post that contained so many lies as yours lol.
You just restated everything that was already argued and I have proved to be impossible to prove.
I dare you to go find a mention of EN in ever world forum. Actually go find a mention in just 10 worlds its impossible.


EN was a magnificent alliance, and yes most people know of it. But it is not mentioned everywhere


Well when you get a group of players that know how to play the game and take most of them to a new world, start them all in the same ocean, your going to have a good shot at winning. Seen it plenty of times. Your advantage at the start is insane and after a month you completely control an ocean or two
OK well your theory is flawed since you described a remade and they "rarely" sucede. Also I don't how good you are or how much gold you use, no one is taking two oceans in a month in a speed 1 world. Speed 2 maybe, speed 3 possible but I wouldn't bet on it.


I wasn't saying that you can take 2 oceans in a speed 1. That's impossible. If I said that, then I typed a mistake. I don't use gold. Why waste money on a FREE game lol

Yeah, it is a remade. A slimmer version most likely. A world with 10 remades would be an interesting one though