Another one bites the dust. In all honesty I am wrapping things up after EN85 finishes. It all has become a bit too much. Various bugs and issues with what has happened recently are a very big concern, my main one is Inno are milking the life out the game and like you many of the great players I know have left the game due to this - there is also a degree of the making it up as they go along. Sad to see you go buddy, I won't be far behind you either.


Ya i too cant be bothered with this game anymore, everything has changed and its just a bore, even the tactics are cheap, not one thing that i loved about the game is here anymore.
biggest blunder is myth tokens, has murdered a big part of the game which is navy, second is the heavy reliance on gold being used, this has just banished so many top notch fighters away, yeah you can trade but hey someone who spends 100 bucks a week is gonna wear you down.
So long bud. We may not have played together long or often, but it was good knowing you. Best of luck in RL.

This game helped me discover my love for politics, which is now what i'm majoring in and doing fairly well in.
Just what we needed, another politician. If that's the result of 6 years playing Grep then it was definitely time wasted :p


Was nice playing with you in those two or three worlds Dan. Enjoy the extra free time, and hopefully this Godforsaken game doesn't drag you back to it like it does to most of us.


'Tis sad indeed when all the old timers leave.
Sadder yet be the reasons many be leavin'.
Unfortunately, fer them o' us what loved the game, it be disintegratin' afore our eyes.
I just pops in now an then to be nostalgic I guess. hehe

Gonna be nissin' yer words mate, ciao.

yer lonely


So glad that I had the chance to play with you for a bit. Good luck. But PWEEZE stay on the forums at least ;)

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
What about when the new Grepolis score feature comes out Chalna? Don't you want to see how many old man points you have like the rest of us?